Releases New Digital Marketing Tool CertaintyTech

We have finally released brand-new software designed to help marketers achieve the best return on investment when it comes to digital marketing channels.

This new software has been two+ years in the making.

Introducing CertaintyTech

CertaintyTech aims to change the digital marketing landscape through first-party data, verified analytics benchmarking and modeling.

This new software has been two+ years in the making.

The Google-approved app will take the guesswork out of how to best reach a specific brand’s conversion rate goals by pinpointing which marketing channels will provide them with the highest return on investment.

The app connects directly to Google Analytics, and also allows manual modeling, to import a brand’s historical session data. Once imported, the user can then compare the performance of their website to that of their biggest competitors.

CertaintyTech also provides a forecast for the next 12 months to help brands make data-driven and well-researched decisions on which channels are best suited for their specific goals.

All data is also able to be manipulated based on seasonality, growth rate, marketing channel, device, and location to provide the best possible forecast for each situation.

Conversion rates based on industry standards or personal goals can also be applied to the forecast to better pinpoint results.

Clients Try CertaintyTech

The brand-new technology has already been rolled out with a select group of Ignite Visibility clients.

John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, says, “100% of our clients are on CertaintyTech right now, and 30-40% are actively using it. This is very high adoption for the first few months of the program! Clients are finding it enlightening to compare their results to the industry average. This helps our clients understand what their full marketing program could and should look like!”

Lincoln and his team are confident that CertaintyTech will give their clients an upper hand when it comes to their digital marketing.

Thanks to this well-designed app, their clients no longer have to fear whether or not they’re investing in the proper channels for their audiences.

Through data, modeling, strategy, and forecasts, they are now better equipped to reach their conversion goals more quickly than ever before.

“The future is bright for CertaintyTech. This software is only available for clients, and we want to keep it that way for now. Our roadmap for development will continue to give our clients an edge in digital marketing.”

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