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Up Close & Personal with our favourite Luxury Influencers

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about being an influencer, but never dared to ask… Meet luxury influencers Tom Claeren, Yana Weiman & Antoniya Toneva in our Relevance Digital Academy.

Top Digital Marketing Tools To Help Your Business

Throughout the Relevance Digital Academy, we’ve mentioned many digital marketing tools – for this session for SMEs we’re dedicating our time to them. Find out the best tools for SEO, PPC, Social and more…

SEO strategy for 2020

What’s important in SEO for 2020? Find out as we discuss SEO strategy for 2020, including featured SERPs.

Traditional vs. Digital PR

Traditional PR is important but Digital PR and backlinks are essential for SEO in order to position your name and keywords on top of search engines. Learn some of the best practices.

Persona-Led Reporting

Discover how to tailor your reports to the needs and wants of your CEO, Marketing Director or Head of Digital – via the wonders of Data Studio.

Intro to Paid Advertising

Understand the fundamentals of Paid Advertising, using Google & Bing Ads to promote your products & services. Explore campaign structuring, ad creation, keyword research and much more.

Meaningful Engagement on Social Media

Discover how to make valuable connections with your desired target audience on social media in 7 easy steps. We show you the recipe to sparking engagement, and establish an engaged following.

SEO Competitor Research Workshop

In this workshop we show you how to completely understand the online presence of you, your competitors, and others in your niche in organic Search.

Master Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing & How Can it Benefit Your Business.

The Art of Storytelling

The luxury industry has mastered the art of storytelling to create desirability around the world’s most enviable brands and to influence us all. But what makes a great story and how do you then share it effectively with your target audience?

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