Rethinking E-Commerce with Tiffani Bova

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There’s excellent customer care and after that there’s consumer experience. Understanding the distinction is critical in today’s sales environment where products are increasingly ending up being services that individuals utilize over and over once again and e-commerce continues to grow and take market share.Tiffani Bova is

the worldwide customer growth and development evangelist at Salesforce and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Tiffani has actually provided over 400 keynote discussions on sales change and business design innovation to over 350,000 people around the globe. DeathWish Coffee, the world’s greatest coffee and the only brew we drink when we do the show. It’s the only option for the real Sell or Diehard!On today’s program … 3:25– Jeffrey and Jen answer a Facebook Group question about handling objections when it comes to software sales.17:23– Culture shifts can mean better sales in the long run.23:00– Customer experience should be a part

of your businesses DNA.28:51– How two buckets of idea can alter your whole sales method.38:13– Development is more thought than action.45:45– Why Tiffani thinks that you must work with

people out of the hospitality market for your sales group.50:12– 55%of

your time is spent on non-selling activities.

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