RRG Group achieves 81% online conversion rate with GForces | Digital Marketing

RRG Group has renewed its contract with GForces after achieving a conversion rate of 81% from online enquiries.

The dealer group was the first in the UK to adopt GForces’ NetDirector Auto-e software platform, when it launched in 2018. In the past 18 months, RRG Group has seen its online used vehicle sales increase almost eightfold from 2% to 15%

Katie Newton, head of digital strategy & transformation at RRG Group, said: “We can all agree that the automotive retail industry has experienced more change in the past two years than in the past half-century. Clearly, that has partly been driven by the pandemic, but with 15% of customers choosing to initiate their purchase via our online platform in 2021, it’s clear that switching to buying online may be a permanent choice for many customers. 

“We have worked hard to ensure our internal processes support our online journey and 81% of our online transactions now result in a sale, compared with 54% in 2018.”

Established in 1967, the RRG Group operates new and used car facilities across the North West and West Yorkshire regions. Through its online channels and physical centres, the group provides a wide range of vehicles, including Peugeot, Toyota, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Lexus and Skoda models.

Tim Smith, chief revenue officer at Automotive Transformation Group, added: “As the first adopter of our new automotive ecommerce solution in 2018, the RRG Group has been an integral part of the NetDirector Auto-e success story. The RRG Group is a textbook case of an automotive retail company that understands the need to adopt an omnichannel approach and knows how to change its culture and working practices to embed a successful digital sales strategy seamlessly into its operations.”

The GForces platform now supports 1,772 franchised dealers, and has helped 80,247 car buyers in the past three years.

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