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It’s no secret that people primarily engage with brands and communicate with companies in the digital space. For businesses looking to make their mark, it can be overwhelming to look at the sheer number of tools and strategies you could use to gain traction. And you may find that the best option is to create a lean plan after assessing and understanding what platforms and tools can help you grow your audience.

If you’re at a loss of where to start, your best bet is taking a comprehensive look at the most tried-and-true tactics and solutions. This Complete Digital Marketing Course covers digital marketing fundamentals, from doing research effectively to appropriately leveraging social media marketing solutions. The course is an amazing bargain too: 12 in-depth lessons included in one for $19. Here’s what the course includes:

Marketing Fundamentals

To effectively sell your products and services, you need to first identify your audience. That’s done through developing a buyer persona, and crafting a unique selling proposition based off that buyer. You’ll also learn how to find that audience online, and make sales by developing actionable content.

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Market Research

This course shows you how to validate your ideas with type form — a methodology of gathering data. Those that know how to do it masterfully can also make it a conversational and engaging process, and you’ll learn how to design your online surveys and distribute them in a way that’s most conducive to gathering the information you need.


WordPress is one of the most intuitive and powerful content management systems in the world — and it’s used to power a majority of the world’s websites. You can create a WordPress-powered website in an hour without any technical skills — and use it to gather the analytics you need to create sales. This course shows you how to take advantage of the platform so you can choose the right domain for your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fundamental component to digital marketing, helping you grow a qualified list of potential customers. This course shows you how to get your first 1,000 e-mail subscribers in 30 days, how to use MailChimp with WordPress to grow your list, and how to increase your number of qualified leads from email marketing tactics.


Before you figure out what platforms and tools to use, you need to know how to write effectively, and in a way that specially targets your unique audience. This course shows you how to write magnetic content that leads to action (i.e., a sale).


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of crafting your content in a way where your webpages will get picked up by search engines, increasing your website visibility. This course shows you how to create an SEO strategy, measure it, optimize your website for it, hone your keyword strategy, and more.


YouTube has a massive audience and viewership — and people who know how to take advantage of it can drive traffic to their website and increase sales. This course is a deep dive into creating a successful YouTube marketing strategy, including how long viewers should stay tuned in, the best video structure, video SEO, and more.

Facebook Marketing

Even with all the other social media marketing platforms out there, Facebook by far still draws in the biggest audience. This course shows you how to build your Facebook page to organically grow an audience, including factors that increase post engagement and more.


Twitter can be an incredibly valuable tool to drive engagement and even create a better customer support/customer experience strategy. This course shows you how to optimize and promote your Twitter to spark a conversation and even establish yourself as a thought leader in your respective field.

Quora Marketing

Quora can help establish your authority in your field, or your respective fields of interest. You can also use Quora to drive long-term website traffic by linking back to a blog post or your homepage — this course shows you other strategies to optimize your profile for success.

Google Adwords

It’s without question: Google Adwords is an essential tool for any savvy digital marketer, and this course shows you how to create a profitable Adwords campaign. Figure out how to set up tracking, develop a PPC campaign, write effective ads, and much more.

Develop a strong, lean digital strategy today: usually the Complete Digital Marketing Course is $200, but you can get it now for $19.

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