Searching for Value at the Data Market

T o truly use the Internet of Things in its max capacity– more than connected and more than clever– we look beyond our internal sources of information and endeavor onto the Web to seek out external sources of data that when mashed with our sensing unit information, develops more valuable details. This can be done piecemeal by linking directly to microservices, however a brand-new source has appeared lately. In this episode of the IoT Organisation Program, I speak with Carl Rodrigues about information marketplaces and how to shop there for value.In this episode of the

IoT Organisation Program, I speak to Carl Rodrigues about data marketplaces and how to go shopping there for value. Carl is Consultant and Partnerships Ambassador to Streamr Network. He is accountable for establishing proof of ideas with key partners with a focus on the automotive, wise cities and transportation sectors and he brings with him over Twenty Years of experience in structure and championing data-driven startups.Data is changed into helpful information which develops value. Normally speaking, we have 2 sources of information offered to

us. Internal information– that is the data we gather from our sensors and service systems, and external data– that is other people’s(company’s) information that we access on the Web. Data marketplaces or data exchanges or what I prefer to call, datamarts, are developing into locations of true value. These are still early days, so they are initially supplying discoverability and standardized gain access to, however with time they will provide normalized data and meta data that will plug and play into your IoT application or analytics.Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Episode How information rates is set How smart contracts are used The data exchange service design The cooperative relationship in between data publishers and information subscribers.Technical approach to accessing data Various methods to share data.Applying the wisdom of the crowd to raw data Pointed out in this Episode and Other Useful

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