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Over the last few years, the trend of utilizing the on-demand service marketplace that has been offered in various industrial sectors, such as food, transportation, healthcare, automobiles, and other services has become way more popular than ever due to the increasingly vital role of smartphones.
The services marketplace is a collection of different types of on-demand services that aim to save time. The on-demand service economy is growing continuously at a rapid rate considering the growth rate of companies like Uber, Ola, Urban Clap etc. Uber has managed to raise approximately $10.4 billion after being served in this service marketplace platform. Surely, service marketplace startups have turned out to be more convenient, more technically updated, and highly efficient.

However, there have been various reasons for people to start relishing in the service marketplace as they are more user-friendly and easy to use. Accuracy, speed, quality, and customer satisfaction are the values that shape up the on-demand service economy. The credit for the success of this model goes to the customers who have learned to take an advantage of the smartphones. It has shaped up a new apparent world where any service can is easy to book with just a few clicks.

Service Marketplace platforms take advantage of a proven business model that can be expanded to various niche markets. Among the main characteristics are:

Let’s have a look at few successful startups that have effectively reached into the market after being emerged into service marketplace business.

DeliverVI started as the British Virgin Islands first online food court and meal delivery system. They have made the perfect on-demand service marketplace for the restaurants which was highly required for their location which in turn leads them to a huge success in being one of the best services for a restaurant with food delivery. This startup made an easy way for customers to view the menus of their favorite restaurants and place food orders directly through the customized website. The site provides customers with the accessibility of information and the convenience to place an order without calling a busy restaurant.”

emerged into the services marketplace as an on-demand service for hotel reservations. Vacaybound is a flexible vacation finder targeting travelers with flexible destinations and flexible dates. This travel search site is a place where people are inspired to plan and book directly from millions of travel options at the best prices. It’s unbiased and free, which means that the people who use vacaybound every month can trust their comprehensive range of flight and hotel options.”

“ uses an on-demand service model which works as an online marketplace that enables people to use their kitchen and dining space to create amazing dishes and sell the experience. Eatyn is connecting those who have a passion and love for cooking and for those looking for their next great meal.”

These are some of the service marketplaces which are currently working as an on-demand platform for several on-demand services. The service marketplace business model is adaptable and more flexible. Therefore, there are many ways to apply this model in today’s market. iScripts, focused on producing creative and useful solutions, relied on the expertise of its software factory to develop the following applications of the service marketplace models such as iScripts NetMenus, iScripts UberforX, and iScripts ReserveLogic.

iScripts Team is always equipped to deliver the business products that are required for the present technology. With the rise in demand for the service marketplace, iScripts are happy to introduce you to our service marketplace platforms. Let’s have a closer look at the products here.

The Ultimate On-Demand Service Platform – iScripts UberforX

is an on-demand service platform which gives you the flexibility to run any Uber-like service for various industries including industries and services like medical, health, automobile, food, maid, taxis and more.

Mobile apps are available for providers as well as users. This turnkey user app lets customers choose an appropriate service provider and book an appointment for service. Users can use this application to book services provided by the administrator. For examples, users can hop onto the Total Fitness App and find the right service for their own personal needs. This turnkey vendor app lets the vendors get schedules well in advance, allowing them to plan their business in an efficient way. Features include:

Online Restaurant Delivery Software – iScripts NetMenus.

iScripts comes with an online ordering and delivery system,, which enables you to provide an online service to complete orders for takeout, delivery, catering and even make reservations with participating restaurants. This is a complete online ordering solution, allowing you to instantly create an online ordering system for a single location restaurant, multiple location restaurants, or even create an online food court similar to GrubHub, Seamless, or Eat 24 Hours.

iScripts Netmenus also comes with both iPhone and Android App. These mobile applications are connected to and interact with your standard website. Customers can download the dedicated mobile applications for their chosen mobile platform. These will duplicate the function of the main website. These applications can also be found on Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.

  • Responsive Themes
  • User Interaction
  • Orders get placed as Email as well as fax
  • Supports advanced ordering
  • Provides numerous reports for admin
  • Provides easy custom theme integration
  • Locates closest restaurants preventing delivery delays
  • Map and routing integration in order page of restaurant owner for each order
  • Mobile Apps

Online Booking Script – iScripts ReserveLogic

is a ready-made eCommerce platform which helps to start your own online hotel booking website in a short while. It’s a cost-effective solution, and it also helps to grow your hotel booking business efficiently. This online hotel booking module is designed with beneficial features for setting up a well competent online hotel booking system. It also helps in handling the rooms of a hotel or other lodging facilities.

This flexible online booking and reservation software can be used by hotel chains, campgrounds, travel agents, and bed and breakfasts to quickly and efficiently set up a total online solution for online property management and reservations. The software gives you plenty of features and functions that will provide you with the ability to create the best options for your specific needs, while also keeping the reservation process straightforward and easy for your guests.

Some of the Features Include:
  • Multiple Modes of Operation Based on Business Type
  • Optional Integration
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • User Rating and Review Systems
  • Fast Booking & Secure Payment
  • Social Sharing Plugins (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+)
  • Responsive user interface for the buyer side
  • Powerful Admin Panel to Manage Users, Listings and Payments
  • Integrated Google Maps

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