Sharks At The Marketplace

SCRANTON, Pa.– This weekend will bring “Shark Week” to an end on the Discovery Channel, but it’s just the begin to shark action in Scranton.The Electric City Fish Tank inside the Market at Steamtown isn’t open yet, however the some of the sharks that will be included within are getting used to their brand-new homes.These sharks sign up with some other marine animals getting acclimated to their new homes inside the Market at Steamtown prior to the fish tank opens in Scranton.If everyone succeeds, we should be open within Thirty Days, 40 days at the most current

,” said owner Cliff Grosvenor.”If we have any issues, setbacks, we’re going to get there as quickly as we can for everybody. Everybody’s anxious they can’t wait till this opens and we’re doing the very best we can.”The owner of the aquarium informs Newswatch 16 these blacktip reef sharks look small now

, however that’s since they’re young. Within 2 years, they’ll grow to be about five feet long. “We have a couple of stingrays that are going to enter the swimming pool also, like some cownose rays with

a southern stingray. “The supervisor of the Marketplace brought her nephews to obtain a sneak peek at the fish tank and interact with some stingrays in the touch tank”Cliff gave me a little piece of a fish and I in fact fed one of the stingrays,

“stated Jennifer Warnetsky.Warnetsky cannot wait on the folks to experience the brand-new addition.” The public gets to can be found in and see how two shops can

change into an aquarium inside of a shopping mall. it’s simply incredible,” Warnetsky

said.If you wish to dive into the action, the Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den will be holding an internship and task reasonable this weekend.

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