Shobanjo, Ahmad, Awosika, Babaeko, others speak at AT3 Resources’ 1-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp for SMEs

AT3 Resources, Lagos-based communication and events consultancy, on Friday 20th, January, concluded its week-long digital marketing training for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) commemorating its 5th Anniversary.

The training themed ‘Leveraging Possibilities for SMEs in The Digital Age’ was designed to empower SMEs to seize the growth opportunities in the digital media era.

The intensive digital marketing boot camp delivered by 15 marketing experts had in attendance participants who were armed with the best digital marketing tools, tips, trends, tactics & strategies to scale their businesses using digital tools, whilst 10 corporate titans and leading entrepreneurs shared life and success nuggets.

During the Bootcamp, Aishah Ahmad, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, stated, “Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and drivers of economic growth.

Over 70% of the jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa and emerging markets are provided by small businesses.

“Running a successful business in Nigeria comes with certain challenges but to overcome the challenges in the ecosystem, entrepreneurs must identify opportunities, set goals, be open to knowledge, build a sustainable structure, nurture relationships, add value and envision a better world with the service they provide.”

While speaking, the Chairman of Troyka Holdings Limited, Dr Biodun Shobanjo, urged business owners to define their mission from the onset to deliver outstanding results and remain in business.

He said, “The ability to deliver creative work in a timely manner is very crucial to running a successful business. Also, as a business owner, leading with integrity, excellence, passion and building a team of leaders for succession is important in sustaining a business. To remain above the curve, entrepreneurs must seek to diversify, innovate and leverage digital resources available in this digital era.”

Sharing nuggets for success, Ibukun Awosika, Founder/CEO, The Chair Centre Group, charged participants to renew and empower their minds through education continuously.

“My thirst and quest for continuous learning empowered me to build relationships and networks which has helped me broaden my mindset over time. Knowledge is important, however, maintaining discipline, staying teachable and upholding values such as respect, openness, fairness, right attitude, integrity is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.” 

Giving the closing remark during the last session, Tosin Adefeko, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AT3 Resources charged the participants to leverage knowledge from the training to carve a niche, grow their business and connect to a wider audience on the digital space.

“It is a delight to have hosted an impactful training for SMEs who are committed to scaling their businesses. I want to especially thank all the marketing communications experts who shared their wealth of experience. I encourage you to incorporate learnings from this training to scale your businesses.”

Speaking on behalf of the attendees, one of the small business owners expressed gratitude for the opportunity and reiterated his plans to integrate the knowledge practically.

The skills gained from this training will be used to increase profitability for my digital marketing business. I am grateful to AT3 Resources for organising this impactful training and I say a massive congratulations as they mark their 5th anniversary.”

The AT3 Digital Marketing Bootcamp is its first edition in alignment with the company’s vision to lend its support within its core expertise area whilst using its sphere of influence to enrich the lives of SMEs who aim to carve a niche for their business in the digital space.

Pictures from AT3 Resources’ 1-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp for SMEs

Osayi Alile, CEO ACT Foundation; Tosin Adefeko, MD, AT3 Resources; and Chinonso Ogbogu, CEO, Sabi Writers  after Osayi and Chinonso’s  session at the  AT3 Resources Digital Marketing Bootcamp for SMEs organised by AT3 Resources to celebrate her 5th year Anniversary in Lagos, Nigeria.

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