Small Business and Digital Marketing – 5 Must-Haves for SMBs –

It’s almost impossible to imagine handling business activities without the Internet today. 

Because of that, SMB owners need to prepare for digital marketing from day one. 

However, there are many different features that may draw your attention. 

In this article, we’ve narrowed them down to a list of five essential must-haves for every SMB owner.

    1. Strong testimonials

The word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool. 

Therefore, new ventures in the digital environment should use testimonials to attract new users. 

In the beginning of their business quest, entrepreneurs might not have enough materials to build a separate web page for that purpose. At this stage, a smart thing to do is just add a few first clients somewhere on the homepage. As the client list grows, launch a separate testimonial page and ask your former and current clients to write a few words about their collaboration with your business. If possible, place a few testimonial videos there, as well. 

Clients’ testimonials can and show other potential clients and business partners why your business is good. 

     2.Social media accounts

Social media accounts are a necessity for all types of businesses. The fact that adds to the importance of social media pages for business owners. 

Facebook is still the leader of the pack. With about it’s the most popular social network in the world. So, businesses that target audiences of different ages, social statuses, and locations should first see how they can place their products on Facebook. They can try different parameters to adjust their business needs and social media targeting. That way, they’ll present their products and services to the most relevant audience. 

Instagram is the second most popular social network on a global scale. Still, it’s the most powerful platform for businesses aiming at selling products directly through social media. Now users can and sell their products. 

What’s more, business owners should bear in mind that Instagram is more popular among younger audiences. 

    3.Multi-channel content

While we all want to make money on the Internet, we need to do it in a wise and gradual way. Businesses that send aggressive salesy messages usually repel people instead of generating leads. 

That’s why new SMBs in the digital environment should raise customers’ interest in their services first and then make offers. 

Content is the best tool for providing value to customers and convincing them to become your followers, users, and customers. 

Multi-channel content is even more effective in achieving this goal. 

The most important channels for this kind of content are as follows: 

    4. Relevant customer feedback

Customer reviews and feedback provide valuables insights to new potential customers. They’ll see what your previous buyers are satisfied with and where you need improvements. 

So, business owners should allow customers to leave comments below blog posts and reviews below products. Comments below articles will give the readers a chance to exchange their impressions. This user-generated content is good for every business because it shows that customers and visitors appreciate the brand and its posts. 

Apart from a separate testimonial page on your website, register your venture on and drive customer engagement on Google. 

Your customers will be able to give you reviews on Google, as well. This can help you improve your position and status on the Internet, as well, because you’ll literally put your venture on the global Internet business map.

   5. Practical website for various users

All the ingredients above are important for SMBs in digital marketing. But there’s one more element that’s missing if you want to make a perfect combo of online business promotion: an informative and responsive website. 

When we say informative, we want to stress out that every business website should provide all the basic business information. This includes the following details: 

In addition to user-friendly organization, a good business website needs to be responsive. As explained by the web design specialists from a , every business website should be equally accessible from desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. This will ensure higher traffic generation and more potential customers. 

Business owners who gradually grow their ventures will be able to slowly increase their client list and extend their testimonials. As a result, they’ll have more projects to share on social media. What’s more, they’ll create more content bits and emit them via different digital channels. More customers will start using their services, as well. 

Finally, the more services, features, and customers new SMBs have, the more details they’ll be able to add to their business websites. All these feature will ensure steady and profitable business development.

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