Small Business Digital Marketing Advice From the Top 5 Experts

Here at the Rules of Thumb blog from MoneyThumb, we often discuss accounting and lending topics and how our software can help improve the lives of the professionals in these niches.

However, what our blog readers may not realize is that even though the versions of our software for accountants and lenders are bestsellers, like PDF Insights, we also have a robust version of the various MoneyThumb software which is specifically designed for small businesses.

Today we would like to offer digital marketing advice for our readers who are small business owners and are hungry to expand and create more profit for their business. By following the digital marketing advice we have researched and curated below from 5 of the best experts in the field, you can definitely improve your website and social media presence and make more money in the process.

The above image explains in detail exactly what connected content is and how it can help your small business.

  • For more on connected content, watch the following video from digital marketing experts Investis Digital:

What is Connected Content? from Investis Digital on Vimeo.

By taking advantage of the above advice from what we consider the best 5 digital marketing experts your business will most certainly improve, if not skyrocket. Please take a minute to share this blog post so that your small business peers on social media can benefit from the information just as you have. Also, if you are not already using the MoneyThumb software designed specifically for small business owners, take a free test drive right now. 

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