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The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. As a small business, keeping up to date on the most current trends can be challenging. 

While traditional practices may still have their place in the years ahead, understanding how digital marketing has impacted small businesses in recent years can help you make informed decisions this year and beyond. 

In particular, knowing some top-level statistics about digital marketing in 2023 will give you insight into what works and what doesn’t as you build your strategy for success. From growth rates to emerging social media platforms, here are some of the most important digital marketing stats that all small business owners should know before embarking on their next venture into the world of data-driven decision-making and reaching new customers online.

With so many marketing tactics available, it can be challenging for small business owners to know which ones will have the greatest impact. Fortunately, research has revealed some interesting stats and trends that provide insight into how businesses should prioritize their marketing efforts—here are a few of the key findings!

Questions to Ask Yourself and a Digital Marketing Agency Before You Hire Them




It is said that the digital marketing industry will be worth $332.5 billion by 2023. 

Small businesses all over the world have increased their use of digital marketing, whether that be through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram or email marketing campaigns. By looking at these statistics, we can see that small businesses need to start utilizing digital marketing methods now more than ever before if they want to stay relevant and continue growing! 

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