Solved: Re: How to implement customer specific pricing in headless ecommerce? – Shopify Community

I am currently looking into the Shopify Storefront API, because i want to implement a shop with a headless approach.
The shop is a standard shop which i could implement with the Storefront API.

The only “complicated” feature should be customer specific prices for products.

For example if a customer has the tag “vip” the price of the product or a group of products should be 20$ instead of 25$.
And there should even be the option to give single customers different product prices.

I saw that there are many Shopify Plugins which do provide this kind of features, but for me none of them worked with the headless approach.

Does anyone have any experience implementing this kind of feature in a headless shop?
If someone could point me in the right direction, the help would be greatly appreciated.


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