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There’s no doubt Steven Spielberg is one of the most famed film directors of our generation, with the 75-year-old having helmed classics including Jurassic Park, War Of The Worlds, Catch Me If You Can, and West Side Story over his five decade-long career. 

While most viewers may have thought there would probably be nothing in film left for the maestro to explore, Spielberg recently surprised the industry by making his music video debut, shooting a three-minute shot of Marcus Mumford in one take… using just an iPhone.

“On Sunday 3rd July, in a high school gym in New York, Steven Spielberg directed his first music video, in one shot, on his phone,” Mumford revealed on Twitter. 

“[Actress and Spielberg’s wife] Kate Capshaw was the almighty dolly grip,” he added. 

On Sunday 3rd July in a high school gym in New York, Steven Spielberg directed his first music video, in one shot, on his phone. Kate Capshaw was the almighty dolly grip.

— Marcus Mumford (@marcusmumford) July 18, 2022

According to IGN, the black-and-white video was specially made for the release of the singer’s newest single, Cannibal, from his first solo album, and is already available to watch online. 

In the film, Spielberg was credited as Director, with Capshaw as Producer, Art Director, and Dolly Grip. Kristie Macosko Krieger acted as the Producer and Behind-The-Scenes Videographer, and Carey Mulligan as Costumer and Sound.

DIY Photography points out that upon watching the music video, you’ll see Spielberg gradually zooming out from Mumford until most of the surrounding room is revealed, with chairs messily stacked up on tables to the side. 

As the song reaches its climax, the camera then lurches forward to grab emotive closeup shots  of the singer’s face, adding to the energy and emotion towards the end of the track. 

Check the video out for yourself below. 


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