Stocking filler tips for your Christmas digital marketing campaign – Fleek Marketing

Stocking filler tips for your Christmas digital marketing campaign - Fleek Marketing

Stocking filler tips for your Christmas digital marketing campaign

23 September, 2016

With Christmas just 13 weeks away have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  More importantly, as a retailer, have you prepared your business for Christmas early enough to not lose out to your competition? Whether you consider yourself a Christmas fairy or a Scrooge, there’s no denying it’s one of the most important times of year for businesses regardless of your sector, but particularly for retail and hospitality. We’ve put some seasonal digital marketing tips together to attract customers through the festive period. Each one of our little stocking filler tips can be adapted to a range of sectors, ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  christmas-tree-1081826_960_720

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year. Not only is your social calendar filled with meeting friends for festive lunches and a glass of mulled wine, or visiting the Christmas markets with the family, but it is also an extremely busy time of year for every sector. This means that there has been a rise in individuals starting their Christmas shopping a lot earlier, as well as purchasing online to avoid the busy crowds in the city centre whilst juggling their social life.

As mentioned in our previous blog, which took a look at consumer habits in retail, there has been a huge rise in online shopping from smartphones. This trend will only continue as the festive season draws closer, so make sure your mobile site is consumer friendly and has an excellent user experience to avoid potential customers being lost to competition. With m-commerce predicted to grow by 42% (almost three times as much as e-commerce), an optimised mobile website is crucial to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Although trends indicate that people begin their Christmas shopping earlier than ever before, there will of course be millions of last minute buyers frantically searching for that perfect gift. Make sure that your website is updated as necessary through the months leading up to Christmas. Remember those shopping during the rush will expect all the key information on your website at first glance.

2016-09-22_1743Have things such as seasonal offers you want to promote or “Christmas Day delivery guaranteed” highlighted so it can be seen at a glance to avoid them clicking off your page. Make sure those all-important calls to action are highlighted and easily accessible in order to convert potential customers into repeat buyers, and avoid losing out to competition. When reviewing your website, look at it from a customer’s perspective and ask yourself why they should choose you?

The festive season is a great opportunity to get creative and experiment with different ideas for your campaign. Why not introduce a new social media platform you’ve always been curious about to your campaign, or launch a seasonal competition to spread the joy and get interactive? Don’t be afraid try out new ideas you’ve been mulling over throughout the year, now is the time!

Christmas is one of the prettiest times of year, with sparkling baubles and fairy lights in shops and houses, there is great opportunity to take lots of pictures, GIFs, Boomerangs and videos for your social media and website, and give your products a Christmas twist! Customers will be more inclined to remember your innovative Christmas themes when thinking of a brand to go to throughout the year, and therefore more likely to choose you over your competition.

SEO can be one of the most lucrative techniques utilised by enterprises of all sizes in order to rank higher in search engines and increase the traffic to their websites. With the Christmas period being so hectic to grab online traffic, it’s the perfect time to begin your search engine optimisation. offers a competitive and results-focused SEO programme that generates visible positive outcomes.

For example helped a client who specialised in the wholesale of baby clothes double website traffic in less than two months with a sustained campaign to increase online visibility of their website through organic search. Beginning with an SEO audit, the results were used to optimise both technical and content elements of the website, with 80 keywords identified to promote their web traffic growth.

Information about a company and a brand is abundant online, and the saying that all press is good press certainly doesn’t ring true. Negative reviews or comments can sabotage a company and lose the business valuable clientele. Word of mouth marketing is so important nowadays that companies need to have a positive imprint online. 2016-09-22_1735

At, we offer ORM (Online Reputation Management). This roots out any negativity surrounding a company, then by engaging with customers online and solving their issues, then generating a wealth of positive content about the brand to reduce the impact of negative reviews. There’s nothing worse than your company’s negative online presence deflecting sales away at such a profitable time as Christmas. So make sure you’re not on the naughty list!

So don’t let the most wonderful time of the year pass you by and use our five stocking filler tips to truly make the most out of your online presence, your platform and your business innovation to make every day like Christmas morning!

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