Strategic digital marketing simulation with Digital Markstrat | StratX

An impactful and extremely interesting option to incorporate digital marketing method concepts into your marketing programs: the new Digital Markstrat business simulation.Arriving August 2020,

Digital Markstrat is constructed on the renowned design of the primary tactical marketing simulation Markstrat, while combining essential learnings from the digital period. The simulation will keep your participants on their toes as they put long-lasting methods in place to grow their fictitious company’s Share Cost Index in a highly competitive and digital delicate market.Developed for college, executive and business programs alike, Digital Markstrat has a running time of 2-5 days and will challenge your participants to: Get in touch today to ask for a demo and start your Digital Markstrat

journey.”Being a veteran user of Markstrat in numerous programs(executive programs as

well as scholastic master and bachelor programs ), I decided to check the new Digital Markstrat with excellent interest.”Undoubtedly, in an increasingly more digitalized marketing world, how can you manage firms’truth in your courses without considering digital interaction choices, ecommerce advancement or the reality that customer sections more or less digital-prone? I find it essential both when mentor marketing for non-specialists or newbies or when teaching marketing plans in advanced marketing programs.

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