Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

Over the last decade, the number of people
doing business online has increased exponentially. Thanks in part to the ease
of accessibility the Internet provides to anyone with a computer, smartphone,
or other connected device, consuming information, products, and services is
easier than ever. Millions of businesses in a wide range of industries have
jumped on the bandwagon to capture some of the online momentum, but staying
relevant in today’s ever-changing online landscape is not as simple as having a
website and a solid product offering.

Businesses today must take charge of their
online presence and how they are perceived among potential and current
customers. Enter digital marketing – the notable shift away from traditional
advertising through print and other media sources to online marketing
initiatives. Digital
marketing allows companies of all shapes and sizes to leverage online
channels to reach a targeted audience. Social media, e-mail, and search engines
all encompass digital marketing opportunities, as do websites and published

The world of digital marketing can be
overwhelming, particularly to those businesses who are just joining the ranks
online. However, there are some clear examples of success stories in digital
marketing that are worth reviewing to determine how to use this form of
advertising to promote business online.

A Comprehensive Approach

In many cases of digital marketing efforts,
companies need to utilise several different strategies to reach an end goal.
This has been the reality for a large medical negligence firm based in the UK.
With a relatively new brand and recently updated website, the legal company
wanted to take its reach further online while creating a strong reputation and
brand recognition among potential clients.

Working with a UK digital marketing agency, the company
employed a comprehensive approach toward its digital marketing efforts. This
plan included increasing organic traffic to the website through link-building
and relevant content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve
rankings, and boost onsite conversions over time. By encompassing each of these
digital marketing strategies in its plan, the legal firm was able to increase
overall conversions by 561%, boost organic traffic to the website by 36%, and
improve organic user engagement by 5.42%.

SEO Strategies

Ranking higher on search engine results is
also a strategic digital marketing initiative among many different businesses.
Companies that are able to do so successfully have their page visited more
often than competitors, as online users tend to click on the first two or three
results before any others. One success story with a search engine optimisation
strategy is connected to a well-known financial technology firm based in the
United States.

Although the company has a large customer
base for certain products, it recently developed a new offering to help with
website building and design. The company worked with a digital strategy firm to
create keyword relevancy throughout its website content for the updated
product. This allowed for increased SEO that provided higher rankings in search
engine results among interested potential customers.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a substantial component of
digital marketing strategies for many companies, large and small. Having the
ability to create relevant content that is shareable through social media can
extend a brand’s reach exponentially. One grocer in the US wanted to do just
that, incentivising potential customers in a small local area to frequent its
store instead of competitors.

Instead of taking out traditional print ads
or advertising through other channels, the company decided to lean on the power
of social media to reach its goal. A combined social media strategy using
geographic targeting, image rotation, and demographic testing helped drive more
than 15,000 individuals to a single location through one round of digital ads.
An additional coupon campaign with similar tactics increased engagement with
the brand by 400%.

E-mail Marketing Strategies

Finally, e-mail marketing can be a viable
strategy for reaching current and prospective customers over time. According to
a recent study, e-mail marketing done the right way can increase a company’s
return on investment by 122%. A well-known rideshare company operating on a
global scale may not seem as though it needs an added boost of engagement from
its customers or prospects. However, it continues to increase its market share
through targeted e-mail ads.

The rideshare company is praised in many
different digital marketing spaces for having one of the best e-mail marketing
efforts out there. It delivers clear messaging that is short and to the point,
often with an incentive for customers to utilise the mobile app for a ride in
the near future. The ongoing on-brand e-mails keep the company in front of its
customers consistently.