Sustainable Innovation is the adoption of new procedures and systems, vital to the next steps of consumer-centered product advancement, especially in the Shoes Industry.During the Shoes Development Summit in Los Angeles, Dassault Systèmes talked about, with other business such as Volumental or Alibaba, how sustainable development is carried out in leading brands, how it affects materials, designs, circulation and the customer connection through e-commerce together with the long-lasting vision for the footwear industry.A consumer-driven process The shoes marketremains in a race to speed up production, embrace

sustainable manufacturing practices and make personalized products that are both cost effective and carry out much better than historically mass-produced shoes. Speeding up the footwear supply chain while incorporating versatility are crucial consider thrilling the shoes consumer of the future. And technology is a fundamental part of the service to overcome these industry-wide pain points.In addition, customers significantly anticipate business to be great’stewards ‘of the world: they are more loyal to brand names and

retailers they appreciate. Brand names that lead the way on environmental stewardship through sustainable development will develop more customer loyalty and have an excellent story to market that will ultimately drive more sales.Dassault Systèmes: a sustainable approach At Dassault Systèmes”sustainable development” is everywhere. In 2018, Dassault Systèmes was rated # 1 in the Corporate Knights Worldwide 100 A Lot Of Sustainable Companies. This is based upon a combination of our internal sustainable practices but also on how we support businesses in their improvement journey.Dassault Systèmes offers company and individuals with 3D EXPERIENCE universes to picture sustainable developments capable of balancing product, nature and life. Our services allow home and way of life business to work differently, to

decrease the varieties of samples needed to reach the right service decisions, to go from idea to e-Commerce while minimizing as much as possible the hold-ups of traditional physical processes.”In the virtual world, we can mimic and assess effects prior to producing the item itself. What is more, virtual worlds assist people envision differently; they extend and enhance the real world.”said Bernard Charlès, Vice Chairman & CEO, Dassault Systèmes.Quant-U: A Custom-made Shoes Experience ECCO, a world-leading brand name of footwear and leather products, and its Innovation Lab have actually collaborated with Dassault Systèmes’to establish a pilot shoes modification project named QUANT-U (quantified you), combining their & innovations in order to produce 3D printed personalized comfort for consumers. For the very first time, specific

information on the foot and stride patterns can be utilized directly with in-store additive manufacturing to create personalized silicone midsoles. This task highlights truly consumer-driven comfort, integrated with a sustainable method of minimizing inventory and costs with 3D-printing. Discover more at more during the Shoes Innovation Top in Shenzhen! Dassault Systèmes will be at the Shoes Innovation Summit in Shenzhen. Our Consumer Item and Retail Market Business Expert, Ken Chew Tan, will be talking about the important topic of”The Digitalization Age” during a panel on Thursday, November 15.!.?.!Lauriane is currently Marketing Director for the Customer Item & Retail Industry at Dassault Systèmes

. She took over this role in 2016, after 10 years of work experience at Dassault Systèmes

in numerous Marketing and Interaction positions. Prior to this role, she invested 4 years in charge of the Communication for the FashionLab by Dassault Systèmes, the business’s innovation incubator committed to the fashion business. She holds a Master in Management with a special

emphasis on Marketing. Passionate about style, digital innovation and sustainable

    development, she produces and provides inspirational material for numerous interaction channels. She is likewise in charge of establishing strong relationships within the durable goods and retail ecosystem.Latest posts by Lauriane(< a href= > see all) SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION IN RETAIL & E-COMMERCE