Swedish ecommerce platform Centra wishes to broaden

Swedish ecommerce platform Centra wishes to broaden

Centra, an ecommerce software provider from Sweden, is prepared to conquer the global market. The company, which focuses on online merchants active in the fashion and way of life market, has not made any marketing efforts to date, but is now hiring marketing, sales and support people to fulfill the increased need and to grow internationally.Centra itself says it has actually been silently growing in the previous couple of years. Up until now, the Stockholm-based start-up hasn’t made any marketing efforts, but it already has more than hundred brand names that use its ecommerce software.Ecommerce solution for both B2B and B2C merchants The company uses a ecommerce solution for both B2B and B2C retailers

and was established by serial entrepreneurs Piotr Zaleski and Frans Rosen. The ecommerce software application supplier is now looking to work with marketing, sales and support people so they can grow further in the near future.Goal is to become the go-to software for fashion and lifestyle retailers”We are now ready to expand and

enter brand-new global markets. Our main focus progressing is rapid growth”, says Martin Jensen, who was selected as CEO at the end of last year.” Our regular monthly repeating profits has enhanced with over half so far this year and we look to beat that number by a lot during 2019. Ultimately, our goal is to become the go-to ecommerce software for brand names within the international fashion and way of life market. “Whereas other ecommerce platforms are mainly directed towards the entire ecommerce market, Centra is actually concentrating on brands in the fashion and way of life sector. It’s an industry that faces some major obstacles now the marketplace has become more digital, so Centra thinks it has an excellent opportunity to catch a substantial piece of the market.’ It’s essential how brand names will handle digital improvement'” How well brands will make the shift towards digital will determine whether they make it through or not. Centra has a proven performance history of effectively helping brand names through this transition”, Jensen continues

.”We have actually likewise been extremely responsive to our customers when building the item. Now we look forward to effectively growing together with our existing and future clients.”Centra was founded in Sweden in 2014 and has workplaces in Stockholm (Sweden)and Wroclaw(Poland ). Share

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