Talking about the DMCA and 20 years of tech law malpractice on PRI’s Marketplace

Scenes from the Bangalore Literature Festival

I still have Indian dust on my shoes from the city of Bangalore, where I invested almost a week at the worldwide literary celebration. I was mind-boggled at the scale of this nationwide Indian event: literature, politics, advocacy, feminism. There was music and even street art, but what a crowd. Sixteen thousand highly literate individuals, […]

Evolutionary Area Invaders: shoot the aliens as a genetic algorithm customizes them

InvaderZ is a Space Invaders alternative that integrates a genetic algorithm that alters the invaders as you contend them, with survival for a physical fitness function: the longer an invader lasts before being blasted out of the sky, the more its behaviors are rollovered into the next wave (here’s a playable live version). (by means of […]

Proof for a lapsarian decrease: Master of deep space Christmas covering paper

As soon as we were terrific, then we devoted some unnameable sin and now we endure eternal punishment, fallen from grace. Proof: this long-departed Master of the Universe covering paper, the peak of the excellent Earl Norem’s career. (via Super Punch)

Maximize Microsoft Workplace with this thorough course

Microsoft Workplace tools were produced to conserve you time. We take that for granted in the contemporary workplace, however if you really wish to discover how to stimulate those old Office warhorses like Excel and PowerPoint, there’s no better financial investment than the A to Z Microsoft Workplace Bundle. This online training course is ideal for […]

To Protect and Server: The tale of the tape on two top VPNs

Thanks to smart hackers, desperate ad business, and significantly lax government oversight of the internet it’s a good bet that even your nana understands what a VPN is by now. In the best case, Virtual Private Networks are basically an underground railway, whooshing you from destination to location through a safe and secure server that conceals your […]

This gimbal brings ‘movie theater quality’ to your mobile phone photos

Even on outdated designs, smartphones have imaging innovation that puts the compact video cameras of just a years back to pity. If you actually appreciate the pictures you take, stop treating your smartphone cam like simply another app. It can shoot cinema-quality video and pictures with the right tools, and the Rigiet Smart device Gimbal might […]

Discussing the DMCA and twenty years of tech law malpractice on PRI’s Marketplace