TDA’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies Spring 2022 – Top Digital Agency

Because of their great work and contribution to TDA, the following companies made it into our Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies for Spring 2022. Learn more about each agency, its clients, case studies, and articles by looking through our list!

We consider the quality of their work, recent projects, the agency’s competence in the sector, and readiness to share beneficial knowledge and insights with our community through the publication of articles on TDA when recognizing these agencies.

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About the agency:

360 Agency Berlin is the first advertising agency in the world to help exclusively sustainable and ethical brands across the world, as they strongly believe that they are responsible for the message, products, and brands they promote.

“If we want to improve the place we live in, business should not only be business. Andrea is one of the revolutionary thinkers who decided that 360 Agency Berlin would promote exclusively sustainable brands and take full responsibility of the brands and products they promote, building the premises that we were first in the world to call sustainable advertising.” by Andrea Henao, Managing Director at 360 Agency Berlin

About the agency:

Highway 61 is a Swiss creative agency, founded by branding and communication experts in 2020. We use our collective experience to create meaningful content and build authentic relationships between brands and consumers.

“A passion for success and hard work is what brought together our small, yet highly accredited team of professionals. Over ten years of proven experience are the main driver behind our teams effortless and quick adaptation to every business case, as well as our common desire to conquer new heights. Research and shared values ​​are the fundamentals we base our work on at Highway 61.” – Sandra C., Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Highway-61.

About the agency:

We created BDC to help businesses grow. Hence the name – Business Development Center. During the initial years, the company executed many marketing-related projects in various fields: advertising, online games, show business, sports clubs, etc. But then … (more)

“Our greatest challenge is to become a global bridge between experience, competencies, and opportunities for those involved in the transformation.” by BDC Consulting

About the agency:

Bright is an interactive digital agency that can bring life to any business, product, or service in a digital environment. They create bright ideas that inspire and differentiate our clients from others!

“By evaluating each client’s industry, goals, and target audience, Bright team offers solutions that allow successfully launching your product/ service into the market, as well as positively surprising everyone with your unique presence in the online environment.” Web Design Trends For 2021. by Bright

About the agency:

ADINDEX is a digital marketing agency, which provides marketing solutions for E-commerce businesses. The company has more than 9 years of experience in digital marketing, plenty of successful cases and more than 50 satisfied customers from EN, DE, PL, … (more)

“Focusing on the only goal – the growth of the project, over the past five years, we have successfully helped to update dozens of sites Having an impressive work experience, we came to the understanding that coordinated work in a team of two players – an SEO agency and a client – is essential to achieve this goal. How to Update a Website Without Losing Rank by Eugene Gnedash, SEO specialist

About the agency:

Launch Digital is a creative marketing agency. We provide rocket fuel for your business by combining our creative input, building digital experiences, and delivering game-changing communication. We have grown over the years while staying family-owned and small enough to focus on doing what we do best. …(more)

“Our team uses the power of Social Media to maximize your sales and inquiries by making your brand visible and consistent across all digital channels. Our Social Media pack ensures you have eye-catching graphics that make your brand identity recognizable to all audiences. Alongside this, we run social media campaigns, video channels, advertising and news blogs to increase your digital footprint and drive traffic back to your company. Our Creative Design Team produces impressive brochures, posters, flyers and packaging designs that stand out and get your brand noticed.” by Launch Digital team

7. Brandefy

About the agency:

From script to screen, Brandefy is your one-stop-shop for producing and distributing engaging content. With services including TV commercial and web video production, distribution, and consulting, we strive to offer the highest quality work possible within your budget. Our highly experienced team will guide you through the entire process from development to distribution.

“Unlike many of our competitors, we take a cinematic approach to every one of our clients. With years of award-winning experience in the film industry, we approach every client’s story as we would a film project. Cinema and storytelling is at the core of our world and it shows in the unparalleled products we deliver to our ecstatic clients!” by Brandefy team

About the agency:

GrowthExpertz is a fully remote, digital marketing consultancy that focuses exclusively on helping funded B2B and B2C startups around the world scale, fast. We’re a team of startup Marketing experts that specialize in full-stack remote strategy and execution of over 10 growth channels for fast-paced startups while they build out their teams and products.

“Our team eats, sleeps and breathes creativity, engineering, research, and pure hustle. We’ve all been there before, founders, VPs, or early hires at companies who need growth. We understand the pain points and the importance of having a reliable team that can be trusted to execute.” by GrowthExpertz

About the agency:

Admiral Media is a Mobile App Marketing Agency. Focusing on user acquisition, lead generation and app downloads. Admiral Media was founded in 2019. and since then has generated millions of downloads and generated thousands of leads for clients of all types.

“We take creatives seriously. So, we build a framework of creative production to make sure we find that killer creativity.” Rapid Scale for Fast Commerce, by Admiral Media

About the agency:

Redwoods Digital is consultant agency that specializes in providing digital marketing strategy, social media management, advertising or media buying, KOL management, creating promotional video or product knowledge video, website and app development for businesses.

“No matter your industry, market, or business model, we would love to push the boundaries to deliver the most hands on services with various solution that we have. Therefore, we could grow as redwood trees, the strongest, tallest, evergreen trees altogether.” by RedWoods Digital

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