The 5 Top Digital Marketing Agencies that Dominated Q1 of 2021

Top 5 Marketing Agencies in Q1 (2021)
Left To Right (Shayan Tehrani, Alexa D’Agostino, Nick Theriot, Zack Williams, Dealers Matrix)

That is why we have selected The 5 Top Digital Marketing Agencies that Dominated Q1 of 2021.

Our first selection, is an ecom growth agency behind some of the fastest growing ecom businesses in 2020. Founded by Nick Theriot with the goal to help ecommerce businesses that utilize Shopify, scale from $50-100k per month to $300k+ per month in revenue. “Most ecom businesses are not ready for paid advertising.” – Nick Theriot. Theriot Solutions has a powerful scaling system called Quadrant, that yields a high success rate with businesses they choose to work with. This system has helped many ecommerce businesses who have hit a revenue plateau, scale to $300k+ months. Want to break free from your current plateau and scale to new highs? Visit and book a call with Nick Theriot.

Our fifth selection is Dealers Matrix. Launched back in 2016, Dealers Matrix has become the go to Marketing Agency for Car Dealerships that are looking to sell more cars and scale up their business. They are already working with 100+ Dealerships in Canada and the US as well as many other countries. Canada-based Dealers Matrix offers lead generation and follow-ups in house, while the car dealers simply sell. The ROI-focused auto marketing firm serves car dealers across the globe offering a service that saves money, time and “gets dealers going with no sweat”. Apart from getting leads, their Canada based BDC team ensures that the leads are qualified before sharing them on a ready-made CRM. Dealers Matrix works with some of the most popular brands like BMW, Mercedes, and many used car dealerships. with Dealers Matrix to learn more.

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