The Best Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2021/22

2021 decided to end off on a high note for Webartist. Covid 19 has not been kind to many businesses and business owners during the year. Worst of all, there were thousands more companies that has to shut down because it was too hard to survive the pandemic. This clearly indicates how things have changed in the past 2 years. Nobody ever thought that if your business is not advertising online that could be the death of it.

Earlier this year we were nominated for The Best Digital Marketing Agency of the Year by the South Africa Prestige Awards 2021/22. After such a long and hard year, we are happy to announce that we came out on top of the competition by winning the award. Nominated amongst great industry leaders and innovators, we were able to learn a lot and most importantly improve our overall business acumen.

During the award process, Prestige Awards had invited over 100000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and their subscribers to nominate companies and individuals based on factors such as service, innovation, experience, sustainability, and other areas.

Why did we win?

Quality work and commitment. We have always been committed to providing the best products and solutions for all our customers. 95% of our customers have invested in some form of digital marketing and that be the difference between them shutting down and growing their small businesses. We saw the importance of overall digital marketing throughout the pandemic. Businesses have had to diversify and adapt to the new ways of doing business.

Will we enter next year?

Of-course we will! After all, we do it all for our customers. If our customers are happy, we are happy. We are all about service delivery and making sure that all our customers’ needs are met. We are more than welcome to add another win to our awards, as long as we take care of our customers and help those around us grow.

What does this win mean for us and our customers going forward?

This means that our growth as Webartist has been sustainable as a business and our customers are getting the best services that money can buy. We now have the challenge to set new benchmarks for our business and our customers’ businesses to help them grow beyond the pandemic.

Any special thanks?

A great special thanks to all our customers, partners, and associates for all of their support, courage and believing in us. Thank you to our hard-working team, Webartist will always be a step ahead of competitors and shall provide more value versus operational costs.

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