The best digital marketing resources from May 2019 – Bulldog

May was a great month. We’ve seen more of the sun, we’re feeling rested from multiple bank holidays, and even have tonnes of fresh digital marketing resources to enjoy. Does it get any better than that? We’ll jump right into it, but expect to read about some new software updates, inspirational marketing campaigns and plenty of productivity tips.

If you’re familiar with Google Shopping, then you’ll also be familiar with just how competitive the platform is. You can’t just chuck your product onto the system and hope for the best; a solid thought-through strategy is needed to succeed. Near enough everyone in the PPC industry has felt a bit overwhelmed at one stage in their careers, and Google Shopping can certainly raise some red flags, which is why this awesome article from Convince & Convert is worth checking out. You’ll be given seven strategies which will be sure to fine-tune your Google Shopping campaigns.

Chosen by: Tom Dodkin, PPC Manager

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but if you weren’t aware, Microsoft recently announced that they’d be renaming ‘Bing Ads’ to ‘Microsoft Advertising’. Although a minor change to the platform, this announcement suggests that greater things are on their way. Microsoft aren’t ready to give up against their huge competitor, Google, anytime soon, and a fresh rebrand is just what the doctor ordered. We’re looking forward to seeing where things are headed for Microsoft!

We recently did quite a bit of hefty research in order to establish what the best link building tactics are in 2019. With the help from 34 marketers, we managed to knuckle down on some of the best tactics in the industry; the tactics which actually work. If you want to get one step ahead in the new landscape of link building, then look no further than here for a full rundown.

Gone are the days of static reporting. The majority of clients are now looking to get as much information as possible from you, and when you’re using a basic template with data extracted from just one source, the quality of your reports will be poor.

A few months back, we started using Google Data Studio and were left in awe by the clarity of the platform. Fast-forward to the present day and it seems that several other marketers have discovered Data Studio, too! If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of Data Studio and you need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, check out this post by Mark Meyerson.

We’re stepping away from the norm of blog posts with this next feature, and straying into the world of video marketing, instead. At the beginning of May, Google Webmasters announced that they’re going to be releasing a video series based solely around the wonderful world of SEO. This caught our eyes, as SEO has so many avenues to go down and if anyone was going to have some answers to niggling questions, it’d be Google.

The aim of the SEO Mythbusters series is to slam down on common misconceptions so that marketers can learn best practices and become better at what they do. It seems that a new video is going to be released each week, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Chosen by: Dave Cable, Head of Operations

eBay has officially launched its very first concept store, in order to explore how the worlds of online and offline retail work together. For many years now, there’s been the expected debate that online retail will soon wipe out high street shops. Although this is a very legitimate problem, it’s interesting to see how the two forms of retail could actually work together in order to boost business. This article is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing the crossover between online and offline.

Chosen by: Adam Symes, Finance & Office Manager

Good news for all of you Google Sheets users! At the beginning of May, a lovely new article appeared on G Suite Updates, explaining that three new features are about to be launched. If you’re sitting there with fingers crossed that it’s going to be a ‘remove duplicate’ feature, then get ready to celebrate. Google Sheets now offers:

– Remove duplicates
– Trim whitespace
– Compatible keyboard shortcuts

Check out the above article for a full rundown, but it seems that our experience on Google Sheets is about to get a whole lot simpler.

IKEA have always had a great brand image, but as times change, tactics need to be tweaked in order to appeal to new audiences. IKEA were clearly very aware of this, and recently unleashed a few smart SEO tricks which they had up their sleeves.

With the understanding that younger generations turn to Google for just about anything, IKEA decided to rename some key IKEA products, fitting in with common search terms conducted by youths. An example of this included renaming a daybed to ‘My Partner Snores’ and a USB charger to ‘He Doesn’t Text Me Back’. Simple, yet incredibly effective. Check out the article to learn just how much of a success this smart SEO campaign was.

The world of links is always changing, and it can become pretty overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends and understand what still works. This article by Roger Montti will help you out, as it covers just what you need to rank in 2019. We won’t give too much away, but, expect a whole lot of quality content over quantity.