The future of digital marketing, and what this means for your business

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and the only way to stay in the game is to create a strategic business plan ahead of time. Whether it be the future of tech, customer interaction or business strategy, it is a smart move to consider what’s coming next.


Tech and software design is developing at a rate of naughts. Artificial Intelligence has been one of this year’s hottest topics. When AI is combined with customer data there are no limits to what can be accomplished. Social media and mobile apps are by far the best way to collect customer information. Another primary issue is not having access to accurate feedback, which can make it difficult to measure the success of a campaign and create a strategic business plan.

There is already a good deal of developed software available that can measure ROI (return on investment), which is one of the most important statistics for online digital marketing. However, although business software is becoming increasingly available and will most likely be mainstream by 2020, it’s never a bad idea to start planning. The early work on VR has also been all over the internet this year, and with the way that this tech is developing, it won’t be long before it can be integrated into marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies for small business have never had so much technological support.

Customer interaction

As tech evolves customers expect their digital interactions to evolve too – think easier digital interaction, comprehensive interface software and better help systems. As a company, you can collect significant amounts of information about your customers, and this information combined with upcoming tech innovations could produce a unique digital marketing experience. Bespoke marketing is by far one of the most effective methods you can use to improve your customer interaction. If you can give your customers a customisable experience by implementing new technologies, customer data and ROIs, you can push yourself above other customer service experiences.

Business strategy

By researching all of the new technology available, and implementing new customer interaction software, you will be able to improve your business strategy. With all of the information available, you can create an entirely new and innovative business model with a comprehensive digital marketing plan. There are new business strategies available such as omnichannel marketing, which uses AI and machine learning to perform data mining across several platforms, improving your understanding of the market.

vLinkD – future-focussed

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