The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business or Brand

Listen up folks, it’s almost 2020. Your dad’s viral
marketing strategies just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Billboards, bumper
stickers, TV spots, and catchy jingles won’t get customers these days. With
Millennials and Gen Z representing a larger and larger portion of the market,
these savvy and tech-connected consumers want interactive graphs, viral blogs,
informational videos, and other forms of online content that gets them hooked
and keeps them scrolling.

If your business is still relying on the jingle you
wrote in the 90’s for local TV, you’re going to run into some serious brand
development dead-ends soon. In this post, we’ll cover what your brand needs to
succeed in the 21st century. Trust us: digital
marketing may seem daunting at first, but once you see that
conversion rate skyrocket and your bottom line boosted to the next level,
you’ll wonder why you were pouring money into that sad, old billboard over the
interstate all these years. So, it’s time to learn a bit more about the new era
of marketing. Shall we begin?

Email: you know it, you love, it, you’re probably
underutilizing it. That’s right, email can be used for way more than reminding
your accountant to hurry up sorting out your ledger, or wishing your estranged
grandma happy birthday. With the right email marketing campaign, you can boost
brand awareness across multiple platforms because people receive emails on
their work computers, their phones, their tablets, and even their smart
watches. How do you get started?

Hey, you’ve heard of Google right? Of course you
have. Well, did you know that in addition to being the world’s biggest search
engine, it’s also a powerhouse of advertising potential? Let us clue you into something called
SEO. That stands for search engine optimization, and
it’s the practice of getting your brand higher up on Google’s search results.
Nobody wants to buy something off a link they found on the 8th page
of their search. Hard pass. By getting your brand on the first page, you will
seriously start seeing the revenue pour in.

One way to make money off SEO is by hiring the
right PPC consultant. Clicks mean everything in the world of digital
marketing, so getting your ad on the first page of Google search results is a
great way to make sure that tons of people will click on your site. Is it a big
investment up front? It can be. But the amount you’ll see in returns will make
your accountant’s eyes water with joy.

Content marketing

Remember earlier when we said that Millennials and
Gen Z couldn’t care less about billboards and TV ads? So, what do they care
about then? Content. Whether it’s Tik Tok or YouTube or Instagram, you can
count on these youngsters engaging with
ads in a space that feels natural, native, and
unobtrusive. Scrolling through their feed and seeing their friends in cool
outfits at cool places, seeing an ad for jeans with a similar picture slid in will
feel natural. Plus, if the product looks fitting, they’ll be more likely to
click on the post. Here are some quick and easy tips for getting started with
content marketing:

Getting started in digital marketing may seem like
a dangerous expedition into uncharted territory, but by following this guide
and understanding how to build your brand online, you’ll start seeing returns
in no time.

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