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Digital marketing is a broad concept that involves a set of marketing processes that apply multiple digital channels – which you can use to promote your product / service, or to build a brand. You should favor the digital over the traditional marketing since it has proven to be more successful and more effective in a large number of cases, and a large number of companies have switched from newspaper / TV ads to PPC campaigns and various other forms of digital marketing. According to industry leader Gary Vaynerchuk – the online video ads are also in the rise.

The great advantage of digital marketing and especially of Internet marketing, versus the traditional marketing, is the greater possibility of monitoring the Campaign Performance and activities, as well as the cheaper promotion methods. Click To Tweet Since the customers globally are shifting towards the e-commerce – a large number of companies prefer digital marketing. The digital marketing channels include: websites, banners, content marketing, paid ads, email marketing and finally – search engine marketing and social networks marketing.

In recent years – the last two methods gain in popularity, since the users spend their online time on certain platforms (e.g. social networks), and here we witness the success of Google AdWords (pay per click) and Facebook/Instagram/YouTube ads systems.

Improving Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Having on mind the scale and the complexity of the digital campaigns’ managing process – there is an obvious need of building custom software (tools, dashboards) for the Digital Marketing agencies. These tools can streamline your workflow processes and will provide you effective, accurate and just-in-time Reports and Analytics. Today – there is a diverse mix of available tools (subscription-based), which are suitable for the agencies dealing in the digital marketing. Some of these tools are standalone products, while others are API components that can easily be integrated into company’s platform. However, when choosing a tool for your digital marketing operations – you should consider the following aspects: Click To Tweet

–  Some tools work only with particular Social media platforms, which require – you and your clients to use several software tools to keep track on all the platforms you are using.

–  These software tools can lack the agencies brand and customization they need.

– Some of these software tools are not easy to use for not tech-savvy users (which is the case of most agencies’ clients).

– The cost of the subscriptions on these platforms and the limitations of each level (plan).

– Another issue you should consider is the focus of the software tool – i.e. where it gets insights from: SEO, content marketing, or Social media.

 Example Software Tools that can enhance Agency’s Marketing Process:

As examples – we will discuss the cases with two digital marketing Agencies which faced a lack of options from the market offered tools and they considered to develop their own by hiring Elegant Tech. The agency New World Group has hired us to develop a tool for Google AdWords, and the agency AdShare for developing a Social Media Networks tool.

For the first case – the agency often used Google AdWords to market their clients and they were in need for an easy way to report their advertising metrics and KPI’s, while at the same time maintaining desired level of branding and customization on their reports. They needed an effective reporting system – so they would use it in-house for their clients. The client (New World Group) was concerned about the complexity behind such system, because they had to pull several unique stats from Google Analytics and Google Adwords. They also needed to combine several campaigns and create custom tables and graphs to present data in the way their clients are used to. Elegant Tech developed the NewMetrics tool that provides the client – analytics (custom reporting system) from Google AdWords and to pull data from Google Analytics and Call Tracking Software, thus enabling a smart reporting solution.

NewMetrics provides features that will make marketing system always sustainable and will keep users safe from facing any problems while adopting the new system. In future – the Agency can expand the system whenever they are in need; the solution avoids complexities and makes it smooth, scalable and error-free system. The goal of the software tool is not only solving the problem, but to provide a high-quality service with great performance and high speed that really goes beyond users’ needs.

In the second case – the AdShare Agency needed to manage and review thousands of Campaigns, and they were not able to manage this efficiently manually or by using the Facebook Rules, because the Facebook rules are not flexible and advanced in their settings and use. Elegant Tech developed the tool Facebook Ads Optimization Software – providing a management console for agencies’ Facebook campaigns. This powerful tool can assist the Facebook business managers and the business owners to create and monitor ads on Facebook and Instagram. The unique feature is that the software is able to import inputs from several business managers (and is not limited to one), as most of the agencies have more than one. This Software tool provides users a complete overview on the rules that have been applied with full details on the results. The software is already optimized with advanced techniques to not reach the Facebook Marketing APIs Limitations.

As a conclusion – you should always consider software tools and dashboards that will bring you useful marketing analytics in a fast and unobtrusive way. You can choose tools that provide the desired functionalities and offer significant benefits, and in the same time – possess scalability, high-performance, stability and intuitive user interface.

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