The Power of Using Your CRM for eMarketing

This morning started with a flood of calls with various eMarketing questions. Small wonder considering that the Triumvirate of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner. Not to mention the various health insurance and other industry-specific deadlines.

Why Can’t I use Outlook For My eBlasts?

In short, while Outlook is useful for basic personal or business communications, eMarketing products are built specifically for email campaigns and provide various tools to make your marketing campaigns more efficient, effective, and compliant including

Why Should I Use the eMarketing Product That Comes with My CRM?

Integrating eMarketing with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offers several benefits that can significantly improve your marketing and customer management processes. Here are some key reasons why you should consider integrating eMarketing with your CRM:

Does My CRM Have Integrated eMarketing?

Probably, if you’re using a well known CRM like Act or Zoho. However, if you are using an eMarketing product like Mailchimp or Constant Contact then the answer is that your CRM is NOT fully integrated with your CRM. That means you are probably spending a great deal of your valuable time exporting your contact data from your CRM and then importing it into your eMarketing platform. And, more than likely, you are not seeing the results of your eMarketing campaigns in your CRM.

Both Act CRM products – Act! Premium Desktop and Act! Premium Cloud – include the basic version of Act Marketing Automation which will allow you to send 2,500 templated, personalized emails/month to the CRM contacts of your choice. Zoho CRM allows you to send between 250 – 1000 emails/day depending on your level of Zoho CRM service. Zoho  One adds Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation into the mix giving you virtually a limitless amount of email.

Not sure how to get started with your own eMarketing campaigns? We’re here to help. Call the Act! Marketing Automation and Zoho Marketing Pros at 561-470-5450 today!

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