The Rapid Rise of Payoneer in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Payoneer is a company dealing with funds transfers across the globe. It provides its customers with a platform that has multiple currencies and operates across small and large businesses. The Payoneer payment option is available on Amazon and a majority of other online markets. The company has lately experienced accelerated growth with the increase in international activity in the digital marketing industry. Payoneer has announced triple-digit growth over the past year. During the first quarter of this year alone, countries like France, China, Brazil, Spain, Israel, Mexico and Ireland have recorded massive growth in volume of transactions with Payoneer. Each of these countries has sent millions of dollars during the period in affiliate payments. Outgoing volumes for digital marketing platforms in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe have seen unprecedented growth. The digital marketing industry is growing more robust with the flow of funds globally experiencing exponential growth.

Payoneer has joined hands with global brands like ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate adding to their expansive ecosystem of digital marketing giants. These global brands join a host of other long-time partners who use Payoneer’s strong APIs to moderate payments on their platforms and serve their affiliates around the globe. Zane McIntyre, Commission Factory CEO, agreed to team up with Payoneer. The Chief executive officer stated that it was important to provide international payment options as their affiliates are both international and innovative. He commended Payoneer for their flexible solutions in cross-border payments saying together, they would provide secure and robust options. Commission Factory is the most recent company to join hands with Payoneer in their efforts to streamline cross-border payments.

To eliminate payment delays, Payoneer has launched an early payment service. It will enable users to access their payments months in advance of their scheduled payment. The early payment provides a risk-free service that allows digital marketers to access the amount they want to receive early and reinvest it at the needed time. In addition, the affiliates do not have to take on any collaterals or debts to collect early payments. This allows them, among many more, to hire workers and improve on marketing strategies accelerating growth. The head of Pioneer enterprise, Yair Tal, notes that as the world increasingly becomes connected, the digital economy provides limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs. With their continued investment in tailored services on the digital marketing ecosystem, Yair Tal pledged to empower these enterprises fin the coming years.

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