The top 8 tips for crafting a winning digital marketing strategy

Are you wondering how to create your online brand visibility by making use of digital marketing strategies? Here is a quick guide that will help you create winning digital marketing strategies every single time.

Keeping Ahead of Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing landscape evolves so quickly and ever so constantly that it sometimes feels overwhelming. To be on top of your game, you need to understand the types of advertising and digital marketing strategies that will give you an edge. Additionally, create powerful online brand visibility that translates into sales by tapping into the marketing strategies that are trending, and which are about to trend.

Here are the Top 8 Trends and Tips to Create a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy Right Now!

1. Influencer-based Strategy

Digital marketing needs to focus more intently on building strategy around the influencers who have been select to represent the campaign. Instead of imposing a marketing message onto the influencer, you can begin by understanding who that particular influencer’s audience is.  If you understand that audience, you can figure out how to best reach and communicate with them.

This applies to B2B types of advertising as well. Since at the end of the day, businesses are made up of people, and their purchasing decisions can be influenced.  Grow your strategy from the ground up around your influencers. In this manner,  you can cleverly chip away at your competitor’s market share.

2. Business Intelligence Integration

There are powerful tools at your disposal provided for you by business intelligence (BI) platforms.  Integrating your digital marketing strategy with the data and insights that BI can glean will guide you to more effective and efficient strategic choices.

Understanding how you can use and integrate BI into your strategy will give you the edge over your competitors because it will focus your attention on doing the right things and not just doing things right.  Attending to the right customers will maximize your ROI by saving you significant time and money.

3. The New Meaning of “Through The Line”

In the past, “Through the Line” (TTL) referred to how marketers could create links and consistent messaging as we communicated across above-the-line and below-the-line channels. However, these days it’s critical for you as a marketer to understand how you can drive consumers from the online space to offline activities.

How can you get your thousands of Instagram fans to come to your product launch? It is these kinds of questions that need to be in your focus to create the types of marketing strategies. Strategies that are effective and drive online, offline, and through-the-line engagement.

4. Micro-influences Matter

It’s not always the size of the influencer’s following that counts, it’s the level of engagement of their audience.  Micro-influencers matter because they have found niche markets that are typically highly invested in their niche.  These niche audiences are often more easily engaged and activated.

You can use a clever digital marketing strategy and types of advertising that capitalize on this niche audience’s particular love for a specific issue, product, brand, or service.

5. Fashioning Tales as Old as Time

From the most ancient times, when we sat around fires sharing stories to the Instagram stories of today. What is clear is that people flock to a good tale. Think like a storyteller to capture your audience’s imagination. Keep your audience enthralled by constructing a digital marketing strategy that unfolds in an episodic fashion.

6. Begin With the End in Mind

To focus on the strategic aspect of digital marketing, you need to think about what you want to achieve.  Have clearly defined goals and objectives that will help you tailor a campaign that can cleverly meet those aims.

Your goals should be defined in a variety of ways, from impressions to click-through-rates to levels of engagement.

7. The Mileage of Measurement

Measuring the impact of your strategy is not just a way to make the finance guys believe that their marketing spend was worth it.  If you can understand why your marketing strategy was successful or not, you will be better equipped to make the right strategic decisions as you design your next campaign.

Moreover, if you can demonstrate the success of your strategy to the finance department, well, that is going to be to your advantage as well.

8. Build a Buyer Persona

To truly understand how to communicate consistently to a particular brand’s audience, you need to develop a brand persona.

The buyer persona is an archetype of your ideal customer that includes as much information as you can find about who that person is: what they like and dislike, where they shop, what they do with their spare time.  Additionally, all of this information is highly valuable. It will inform you as to where you can find your ideal customers and how to communicate with them.

The process of building your buyer persona involves researching, interviewing, and surveying your target market. You want to gather as much data as possible across a wide range of factors. In conclusion, from demographic information to psychographic and lifestyle specifics.

Threading it All Together

Each of the tips mentioned above is important. But your most critical goal must be to figure out how to strategically bring all of those elements together in the most effective way. You understand your ideal customer, where to find them, who their influencers are, and how you can hook them with storytelling that they’ll find compelling.

Remember that a digital marketing strategy is the through-line that weaves a consistent thread across all of your campaigns for a particular brand.  Whether you want to reach people through email marketing or social media, you need to ensure that your digital marketing strategy has a consistent line of communication. Above all, this will make your audience feel like they can trust the brand.

Here Are Some Key Take-Aways To Keep In Mind

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