Thinx CEO: How e-commerce businesses can be successful in an Amazon world

Consumers cleary love Amazon– in April Jeff Bezos exposed Amazon has 100 million Prime members alone and the company has actually landed the leading area in the Harris Survey on corporate reputation for three years running.But Molland calls

going shopping the website” somewhat of a search experience.” That doesn’t make you “feel a part of something,” she says.” [Being] a part of Amazon isn’t necessarily something that individuals really want to accomplish.”

Amazon declined to discuss Molland’s remarks. And to be fair, Thinx prepares to sell Icon underclothing on Amazon in August, according to Molland. 95 percent of its sales comes from its own and sites. ( supplies 25 to 30 percent of Thinx’s total profits and 65 to 70 percent, states Thinx. The rest originates from retail partners and pop-up stores, the company states.)

Molland states Thinx thrives through its genuine connection with the customer.

“With some direct-to-consumer brands– including ours– [consumers] care about connecting to other females, they care about the experience that we’re offering other women both through our product however also through our give-back,” says Molland, referring to the company’s donation programs– it gives underclothing and loan to nonprofits supporting women and education for young women.

“Which’s something that I believe individuals are motivated by, brands like that, and so we’ll continue to emphasize our brand as that is really the core and secret sauce to our success.”

Thinx might be most commonly known for its visceral and visual advertising campaign that used products like a dripping a raw egg (to suggest menstrual blood) and the within a grapefruit (stimulating a vulva).

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