This company is the future of marijuana e-commerce

  • Namaste Technologies wishes to be “Your Everything Marijuana Shop”
  • Company uses AI and artificial intelligence to optimize shopping experience
  • A worldwide profits platform from over 30 countries that’s primed for development

As nations across the globe either execute or debate some form of cannabis legalization, the race is on among cannabis business to finest profit from this growing market.With the motto”Your Everything Marijuana Store,” Namaste Technologies Inc.(TSX.V: N), intends to supply patients and clients with one-stop online shopping for all things marijuana. To that end, it has established an innovation platform that is currently using AI and machine knowing to enhance the user experience.The company entered being as an online seller of marijuana

intake gadgets, consisting of vaporizers and smoking accessories. It has online stores in over 30 nations, consisting of Canada, the U.K., and Australia. That existence has allowed Namaste to develop a database of over 1.5 million clients, with a high level of crossover for marijuana sales, as it ends up being legal in different countries. “Namaste is currently successful as the biggest online seller of cannabis accessories and quickly

, in Canada, we are going to be the premier source for medicinal cannabis items also. “– Kory Zelickson, Co-Founder, VP of Company Development and IR, Namaste Technologies Health Canada Approval Imminent

for Medical Marijuana Sale License Canada remains a key market for Namaste and it is on the brink

of receiving a Health Canada license for its CannMart site, which will permit online fulfillment of medical marijuana prescriptions.According to Namaste Co-Founder and VP of Development & IR Kory Zelickson, receipt of the license impends.”On July 31, we had our final evaluation from Health Canada. We’re just waiting

on an assessment report and we’re anticipating to & get our license in the really near future, “says Zelickson. As soon as that happens, Namaste will become the first non-producer distributor to sell cannabis through the medical market.The business will wed that online purchasing platform with NamasteMD, the company’s Health Canada-approved app for medical cannabis assessments. NamasteMD intends to provide anybody with internet access to access for complimentary

medical consultations. Patients will then be able to take their prescriptions to the CannMart site to find the finest marijuana item for their condition.Zelickson comments,”We’re making it simple for individuals to obtain their prescriptions online through the computer system almost in genuine time, and we’re developing a marketplace where consumers can access a large range of different cannabis strains, without having to recover and forth between licensed producers.”

Clients will quickly have a seamless experience, where they can get their prescription online then fill their prescriptions on the CannMart website. It’s a technique for growth that Zelickson is excited about. “Namaste is already effective as the largest online merchant of marijuana devices and quickly, in Canada, we are going to be the premier source for medical marijuana items as well, “says Zelickson.Using AI to Streamline the Shopping Experience To make the shopping experience that a lot easier, Namaste recently bought Findify, a business that utilizes AI to examine user behavior on websites. Namaste was at first a client of Findify, however they had such a good experience with their services that they decided to purchase the company.The business prepares to utilize Findify’s AI to study the effect of cannabis pressures on medical patients so that its CannMart site can make much better recommendations. Zelickson remarks,”We imagine a platform that will have the ability to advise pressures much better than a real doctor.”To gather that information, Namaste has presented the Uppy Marijuana Journal– an online app that captures user data and user feedback on their experiences with numerous marijuana strains.

Combined with the AI supplied by Findify, Namaste thinks the Uppy information will assist clients to determine the best strains for their symptoms. Now available on the Android and App store, get your prescription in simply 3 simple steps.A Platform for International Development Utilizing Canada as its design, Namaste believes it can bring a comparable shopping experience to other nations as medical and recreational marijuana legalization speeds up.

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Key amongst those markets will be the U.K. and Australia, where Namaste currently has a base with its online vaping and smoking accessories sites.In the U.K. alone, the business has several hundred thousand cannabis device consumers that will be prime targets for cannabis sales as legalization advances. Zelickson notes that the UK and Australia are both bigger than the Canada market, including”our objective is to release a NamasteMD/CannMart-style platform in markets where we currently run.”With an AI-enhanced shopping experience that is on the cusp of

being a one-stop-shop for medical cannabis clients in Canada, Namaste (TSXV: N)appears preferably placed for development in this burgeoning market.

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