Tips To Starting A Local SEO Digital Marketing Business

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The Internet has made the lives of businesses easier.
Through search engines, people can instantly look for a product or service
within their area and gain contact information. Websites are used to display
information about a company’s offer, allowing instant connection with

That’s why search engine optimization or SEO has evolved.
Companies are looking for ways to enhance their rankings in search engines to
increase brand awareness. And if you’re going with the trend, you’re possibly
looking into starting a local SEO digital marketing business.

The great thing about taking advantage of this trend is that
most businesses, even individual professionals, need it. But what’s the
downside? Well, you have a lot of competition. In addition, the ever-changing
landscape of SEO makes the process harder.

Fortunately, here are some tips to help you start a local
SEO agency. But before delving into these tips, here is a free helpful resource
you can check out:

Now, let’s get down to business.

Tips To Help You Get Started With A Local SEO Digital Marketing Business

1. Find A Niche

Finding a niche requires you to pinpoint a specific target
you want to focus your efforts on. For example, you can be an SEO agency
specifically catered to e-commerce companies. Or you can focus on professional
individuals such as lawyers or doctors.

Other SEO professionals would approach the business by
taking in all types of clients. Don’t let this be you. Being laser-focused on a
specific niche or industry allows you to gain more awareness of the said field
and master it.

2. Your Website Is
Your Brand

You’re delving into the digital marketing business, which
means your website will be a big part of how your potential clients will
perceive you. Thus, you should invest in a high-quality,
search-engine-optimized website that will “wow” your customers.
If you have a lousy-looking website, you’ll have difficulties convincing that
you’re cut out for the job.

3. Show Credibility
And Authority

Your website is a big part of your credibility. However, you
can also achieve authority by putting out blogs and articles to showcase your
expertise in SEO and digital marketing. Don’t be afraid to spill the beans.
Most people would love to read articles but won’t apply them. What should
separate you from the rest is knowing that you practice what you preach.

4. Build Trust

You can instantly build trust by clearly communicating the
SEO services you offer. Don’t hold back on vital information as SEO is no
longer a secret sauce. It’s the execution that matters. Also, you can also
publish case studies and results of past successes with previous clients.

Aside from these, you can clearly state your contact
information. Having a business email address (e.g.,
[email protected]) is better compared to having a personal email
address (e.g., [email protected]). Responding to your prospective customers
promptly can build trust as well.

5. Develop Your
Company’s Methodology

Processes are essential to achieve goals. In digital marketing, including SEO, well-defined processes
can get you from point A to point B. That’s why you have to develop systems and
guidelines that will help you achieve you and your client’s goals.

For example, you must have clear-cut steps for analyzing a
client’s SEO status, for on-page optimization, and for building links. Without
these processes, you won’t have a system to follow, and your business will be

Aside from the steps and processes, you should also know
which tools to use to implement your SEO campaign. Free tools can be convenient
if you’re on a tight budget. However, paid tools can be a good investment for
your agency.

6. Develop A Clear
Pricing Structure

There are multiple structures you can use: fixed, hourly, or
even retainers. Others SEO agencies only get paid when they’ve achieved the
goal of ranking the website for specific keywords. There’s no single answer to
this problem. You have to know what’s best for you, your agency, and your

7. Network

If you’re sitting at your agency desk waiting for a client
to come up, then you’re wasting your time. You have to network and communicate
with prospective clients. Attending industry events and even doing speaking
engagements can help you gain more customers. Don’t be afraid to make cold
calls or send cold emails. You’ll never know what the person on the other side
of the line is thinking. He or she might need an SEO agency, and your agency
might be the perfect match.


Starting a local SEO digital marketing business is complicated.
You have to make sure you’re ready to put in the effort necessary to make it
successful. As such, you can heed the tips above to help you get started with
your agency and make businesses sustainably rank better on search engines.

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