Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Advertising in India is a highly profound profession and carries a lot of weight when it comes to marketing in general. India consists of a huge number of companies and organizations that dwell in marketing and self-promotion. In today’s times, every organization successful or not, require a medium to digital marketing.

With the rate of growth and development in the business and market industry, the necessity for creating a digital platform for marketing has increased the chances for agencies that offer digital marketing sources in India and around the world. In a study made in 2011, India consisted of only 50 digital marketing agencies, now, the amount of Digital Marketing agencies has shot up to 710 in the country.

Digital Marketing is one of the most leading vocations and a definite necessity for most of companies, start-ups, and even entrepreneurs. Digital marketing is one such occupation that holds immense importance as the public are generally on most of the internet platforms and hence generate a lot of traffic on the organization’s sites due to upgrades made on their digital platform through digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing is a new medium for marketing through the internet or even other media platforms like television or the radio. It has built a huge competition in the business sector and marketing industry. Digital Marketing agencies use various channels to showcase their client’s agendas such as social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and even search engines and various other websites. Agencies use the medium of Emails and mobile phones as well to put forth their Digital Marketing plans.

There are many Digital Marketing Agencies in India out of which this article points out to the top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies where companies and organizations can work hand in hand with them and hence create something spectacular and unique.


Shoot Order is a Hyderabad-based Digital Marketing Agency in India initiated in 2012. Shoot Order focuses on conceptualizing ideas and innovating something unique for its clients. It is one of the finest Digital Marketing Agency in India and strives to give the best service to all its cliental companies and organizations.

They believe in the policy of ‘quality first’ in any circumstances along with professionalism, customer-client relationship, and delivering on time. Their biggest goal and value is client relationships. They focus on making their client’s experience a memorable one and try their best to keep them satisfied and build a relationship with them for years.

Since the beginning, Shoot Order has worked on and has been glued to their prime 6 policies such as service with a smile, only the best or nothing, keep moving forward, You and Me forever, good things come hard, and give it, get it. Shoot Order is a rare Digital Marketing Agency in India and works on digital marketing services that are segregated into 3 important principles which are Attract, Engage, and Delight.

Shoot Order has an aspiring story as it was awarded globally as one of the top Digital Marketing Agency by Clutch and not only that but it has also been ranked as one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in India by Yourstory, The Manifest, and many other media firms and houses.

Shoot Order has also worked with international brands, helping them with the implementation of their Digital Marketing plans and strategies. Some of these brands are globally renowned such as BMW, Hathway, The Times Group, INLIFE, Y-Axis, Proptiger, CallHealth, Nalsar (University of Law, Hyderabad), etc.



Dot Com Infoway is one of the most dedicated and innovative Digital Marketing Agency in India. It is located in Madurai, India, and is a successful Digital Marketing agency with over 1000 clients including globally recognized brands such as Amazon, Motorola, etc. Not only do they have an office in Madurai but also in the United States of America and Australia.

Dot Com Infoway is an agency that dwells in Digital Marketing and software and mobile app development with experience of over 18 years in the respective field. The team at this agency consists of highly qualified software developers, web developers, mobile app developers, website designers, mobile app UI and UX designers, blockchain developers, Search Engine Optimization experts, social media experts, Search Engine Optimization copywriters, technical writers, mobile marketers, email marketers, QA professionals, digital marketing experts and various project managers, software architects and many other team leaders dedicated to the agency.

Dot Com Infoway Digital Marketing Agency in India focuses on giving its best service to its clients. They provide 24/7 assistance on call, mail, or even chat for their clients in regards to doubt solving or giving current updates. The agency provides assistance of senior management as well for support in the clients Digital Marketing strategies and hence give them more clarity in terms of effective communication and smooth work process.

Dot Com Infoway has a tremendous amount of multi-cultural clients all over the world. They believe and stand on the opinion to make their client’s business and campaigns stronger and attractive and profitable and try to generate as much traffic to their websites as possible through Digital Marketing. Some of their clients are Amazon, Marriot, Triad, MamaMia, TVS, Mahindra, Sony Music, Motorola, IPL, Voonik, Liquid Vision, and many more.


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Uplers is a Digital Marketing Agency in India that is infamous for being one of the best agencies that specialize in web development, digital marketing, and many other marketing services. It is based in Ahmedabad and is an international Digital Marketing Agency that has a magnificent list of clients from all around the world.

Uplers dwell in Digital Marketing campaigns and strategies that include social media networking sites and create content like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Google Maps Optimization, Email Template Production, Campaign Management, Email Automation, and Journey, and Blogger Outreach/ Link building.

Uplers Digital Marketing Agency in India provides a list of features and benefits for the clients who want to be a part of the Uplers group. They focus on giving the best quality and work on the principle that quality is above everything.

For all their projects, they involve a project manager and a single point of contact for the betterment of their clients. Along with this, they have a safe environment when it comes to confidentiality of data given by the clients on their various Digital Marketing campaigns and make sure all the challenges are completed in time and in favor of the client’s best interests.

Uplers have a huge client base among most of the Digital Marketing Agencies in India. some of their clients are National Geographic, Disney, DHL, Oracle, Ogilvy, Amazon Business, Airtasker, Ribs and Burgers, JXT, and many more across the globe.



Mind Mingles is a customer-centric Digital Marketing Agency located in Delhi. Out of most of the Digital Marketing Agencies in India, Mind Mingles is considered to be an ideal choice for many organizations and companies who want to enhance their company’s visuals and plans.

Mind Mingles has a team of hardworking digital marketers and Search Engine Optimization experts who focus on delivering the client’s requirements with successful results and ensuring the right strategies for the organization’s best future. It is one of the most promising agencies amongst most of the Digital Marketing Agencies in India and has vast experience around the industry.

Mind Mingles is a Digital Marketing Agency in India that masters and excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns and analysis. They build up Digital Marketing strategies through SEO Marketing (link building services, Multilingual SEO services, etc.), Content Marketing (content writing services, SEO copywriting services, etc.), Paid Search Marketing (pay per click services, Facebook marketing services, etc.), Branding (social media marketing, etc.), Website Design and Development (mobile app development, mobile app designer, etc.), Mobile Marketing (mobile SEO services, etc.), and hire from a dedicated source (SEO experts, etc.).

Mind Mingles dwells on 4 principle core values in Digital Marketing such as consistency, building long-term relationships with clients, accountability with complete transparency between the customers and the agency, and adaptation of idea generation and innovation in regards to the client’s interest.



First Launch is one of the Digital Marketing Agency in India that focuses on providing the latest strategies with the help and assistance of new technology and marketing and designing tools. Their main goal is to help their clients grow in the digital marketing sector and establish a new look for the company’s face and recognition.

First Launch works on projects all over the world including small businesses to large enterprises and works toward the ideal suggestions and values of the companies that they have partnered with.

First Launch includes services such as Digital Audit (Search Engine Optimization audit, SEO report, Social presence, Website ranking, Backlinks audit, Market and Competitor Analysis, Mail Spam Score, etc.), Search Engine Optimization (Mobile Optimization, Desktop Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Link Building, Content Optimization, Content Syndication, etc.), Search Engine Marketing (PPC Campaign Management, Google Ads, Ad Bid Optimization, Landing Page Creation, etc.), Social Media Marketing (Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Social media advertising, etc.), Email Marketing (Email template design, Email newsletter, Email content creation, Lead magnet creation, etc.), and Content Writing (blogging, copywriting, creative writing, content strategy, content repurposing, etc.)

Along with the services provided by First Launch Digital Marketing Agency, they also have a thick client relationship with many renowned companies namely Unacademy, Camp Monk, Sales Diary, Explara, Damro, Pelatro, Methods Automotive, Qualitrix, Orion Motors CyteCare, and many more.



Kwebmaker is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in India with a huge prime clients list dwelling in all Digital Marketing strategies. Kwebmaker is an agency located in Mumbai and consists of branch offices overseas namely the United States of America, South Africa, Botswana, and Denmark.

Kwebmaker was founded by Dhananjay Arora in 1998 with a vision and goal of being the number 1 ranking Digital Marketing Agency in India. It consists of a team with strong and dedicated members such as strategists, designers, developers, testers, and digital marketing experts who constantly work towards the successful progress of their client’s Digital Marketing projects.

It is one of the most experienced Digital Marketing Agency in India with over 2000 projects successfully accomplished and have gained the confidence and execution prospects of completing any given marketing strategic plan no matter the size.

Kwebmaker conjures in creating innovative Digital Marketing plans for companies and includes Google Analytics, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, and Online Reputation Management as a medium of generating traffic to the company’s websites and other digital platforms.

Kwebmaker has a tremendous base for international clients namely Rolex, Raymond, TATA, ICICI Prudential, HDFC, Sony, SBI, Mumbai Indians (IPL Cricket team), Kenneth Cole, Mahindra, Just dial, ESSAR, and many uncountable clients across the world.



SRV Media is a Digital Marketing Agency in India that strives to implement the best ideas for its client’s marketing plans. It is a Pune-based Digital Marketing Agency founded by Vikram Kumar and Rohit Prasad in 2011.

The team at SRV Media has immense passion and dedication when it comes to building an image for their clients and reaching a remarkable set of expectations by the companies who have invested in their strategic plans for Digital Marketing. They consist of loyal clients such as Pentagon, Asianpaints, Datsun, Bigbasket, etc.

The SRV Media Digital Marketing Agency in India focuses on making the client’s goals come true and provide in-depth insights for the benefit of their relations with the customers and create a favorable and comfortable environment to build growth in the relationship with their customers respectively.

They have a team of more than 180 members specialized and experts in Digital Marketing and use the latest technology for all their projects and challenges gained by the organizations for their campaigns. Along with this, SRV Media has been awarded by the Economic Times Now as the best start-up. Not only this but it has been awarded for being an outstanding Marketing Agency for the Educational sector and a Brand Leadership award.



Crystal Logic is a Mumbai based Digital Marketing Agency established in 2004 with a vision and goals of creating something unique and exciting for their clients and building a bridge between their client’s best interests and their objectives.

They believe in developing Web solutions and economic prosperity of the companies views and values. They include a team consisting of a good number of Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Application Developers, Mobile App Developers, Search Engine Optimization experts, and Social Media Optimization experts.

Crystal Logic is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency in India that focuses on providing premium and high-quality service to clients all over the world. They have worked with more than 700 companies and hence have experience in delivering highly qualified designs and strategic digital marketing plans for all their clients.

Crystal Logic has an interesting list of international clients including Reliance, Forevermark, Sunteck, Indiabulls, Blue Star, ICICI Lombard, and many more.  



HitsValue is one of the most renowned and reputed Digital Marketing Agency in India and has acquired a number of awards for their services in this field respectively. Their prime goal and vision is to work best in the interests of their client’s ideology and objectives.

They focus and strive to give their best serves to their clients in regard to providing them with a cost-effective deal and a quality reliable strategic Digital Marketing plan.

HitsValue provides its services to larger multi-national companies as well as small start-ups according to the client’s interests and benefits.



Shoutnhike is one of the Digital Marketing Agency in India situated in Ahmedabad. They are one such agency that focus on giving measurable and swift outcomes of the challenges given to them by their clients.

They offer a number of best innovated Digital Marketing strategies for the clients and put in their best efforts to reach their client’s expectations. Shoutnhike strives to make the client’s digital plan famous with the help of advertising and promotion through different media platforms and Social Media Optimization.

Shoutnhike ensures to provide an effortless and successful plan for their clients and focuses on maintaining relationships with their customers along with their loyalty.



Digital Marketing agencies help outsource a new recognition and in a way, a new body and structure for their client companies and make them a marketing plan with the assistance of new media platforms and implement the organization’s core values and what they wish to offer in their schemes or just add another advertising campaign to enhance their company’s background and consistency.

Digital Marketing helps market the company and enhance the brand value. Hence, this article is to ensure to get in touch with the best agencies that benefit the organization’s objectives.

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