Top 20 Digital Marketing Tools For Online Business Marketers

In this guide, you learn about the topmost best digital marketing tools for marketers. Not forgetting, the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, and if you feel like you need more to do with less, you’re not alone. More than ever, marketers need tools to leverage current work, improve their skills, collaborate more, and measure what we’re doing right.

And when it comes to tools that we use in digital marketing, there are endless options to choose from that may confuse you. That’s why we’re here to help. Perse, digital marketing is an exciting and fast-moving industry, and digital marketers know that there is a multitude of tools, platforms, and apps out there to help take your digital efforts to the next level.

Yes, they can save you time, but discovering and testing the various options can be daunting and confusing, especially in an ever-changing industry with many emerging trends here and there. But, there’s no getting around it — in 2023 and beyond, all businesses need to invest time and money in their digital marketing strategies.

But, this needn’t be a chore; indeed, it can be very rewarding. As any digital marketer will tell you, devising and delivering an effective campaign is one of the most gratifying aspects of the job. Few things bring as much satisfaction as seeing a carefully considered, creative campaign successfully generate new leads. So, which digital marketing tools should you consider?

The Topmost Best Digital Marketing Tools For Online Business Marketers

Digital Marketing Tools include everything from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to analytics tools like Google Analytics. Whilst, allowing marketers to create, test and measure the performance of their campaigns, digital marketing tools ensure that marketers can launch and test campaigns quickly and effectively.

Realistically, a majority of companies today depend on digital marketing tools to survive. Sounds dramatic, right? Consider that a strong tech stack encourages growth and ensures that you aren’t spending your valuable time on tedious tasks. On the flip side, failing to take advantage of modern marketing tools means that your business might lag behind your competition.

The good news? There’s no shortage of software out there to do the heavy lifting for your marketing must-dos. With the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline your marketing campaigns and automate a ton of tasks in the process. In most cases, our team of professional Web Tech Experts will divide these digital marketing tools into various segments.

Consider the following:

In other words, when it comes to digital online marketing, few things are as important as the tools digital marketers rely on to get their jobs done. Overall, these include everything from the likes of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to analytics tools like Google Analytics. They allow marketers to create, test and measure the performance of their campaigns.

Equally important, digital marketing tools also ensure that marketers can launch and test campaigns quickly and effectively. But, while developing new strategies and campaigns is fun, it also often requires a lot of admin. Fortunately, there are so many digital marketing tools available — designed to help streamline the entire digital marketing lifecycle.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a complete SEO tool that will help you increase your online traffic. This is great for competitive research, allowing you to check who links to your competitors, their home pages, and more. You can see where their content is and use the Content Gap tool to identify critical gaps in your content.

As a social media platform, Sprout helps businesses consolidate their content calendars through WooCommerce pre-orders and information in one place. This allows you to post and schedule your content on multiple platforms, adjusting it accordingly based on when your followers are most active.

3.  MailChimp

MailChimp is a social media and email marketing tool for organizing and automating digital marketing campaigns. It’s one of the best marketing tools to improve your ads and track how they’re being created. In addition, the platform allows many connections with different SaaS companies. The tool is handy for email marketing, where you can interact with your audience. MailChimp is a well-known name in the email marketing world.

4.  Google Analytics

As one of the best free Google tools, Analytics should be part of your digital marketing plan immediately. It only takes a few minutes to add the Google Analytics code to your website, giving you the ability to track all visitors’ activities.

5.  Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a research tool for anyone looking to improve their advertising, optimize their keyword performance, and streamline their search engine optimization efforts. The best thing about it? It’s free. Google Keyword Planning is a more affordable alternative to expensive SEO marketing tools. In addition, it offers up-to-date analysis of the top search terms your business should be targeting.

6.  Marketo

Marketo is one of the tools of our marketing team with two simple goals: to generate leads and to stay in the spotlight of our customers. This is the best solution to help us measure our automated service, landing pages, and conversions.

7.  HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a CRM platform that connects everything scaling companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience in one place. Their crafted, not cobbled solution helps teams grow with tools that are powerful alone, but better together. Generate and nurture quality leads for your business with HubSpot’s marketing tools. You can plan your marketing campaigns from start to finish with the campaigns tool, then convert website visitors into leads with engaging website content, marketing emails, social posts, and ad campaigns.

8.  Canva

Canva makes it intuitive to create graphic design elements in no time. If you can’t draw a picture of a thing, don’t worry. The Canva gallery store options let you select and edit any design without professional skills to create impressive designs. Canva provides compelling photos, content, and videos.

9.  Moz

Moz is a fun tool and provides a great user experience. There are two main categories or options: (1) Moz Local, and (2) Moz Pro. Moz Local often helps local SEO listings with their optimization. Moz Pro is an additional tool that enables you to track rankings, build links, and analyze specific ads. Moz is a handy platform and does a great job of helping you build a structured SEO plan.

10.  BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for leveling the playing field, showing topics you should consider, and helping you find good examples in your business to sell your products. You can search by topic and explain your research to create both content and content tailored to your audience. You can view your content and ad analytics from there and measure performance accordingly.

All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) is the best plugin for WordPress websites, with over 2 million installs. The tool includes many features designed to help you optimize your website and content for search engines. This tool provides an actionable list to help you focus on fixing bugs and making general adjustments to increase your click-through rate. Plus, with AIOSEO, you can test your entire website, optimize pages for WooCommerce, and improve local SEO.

12.  OptiMonk

The OptiMonk platform allows businesses to capture customers’ attention and keep them from being distracted by personal popups. Behavior-based scheduling focuses on typing and completing targeted messages, so popups don’t have to bother you.

13.  Google Ads

Google Ads can work for almost any business; It doesn’t matter if it’s small, medium, or large. Although most marketers find Google Ads too expensive, it is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools to help your business reach new heights.

14.  DropBox

DropBox is an integral part of today’s digital business. This allows all the working parts of your business to come together in one place to eliminate clutter and save time looking for things. Organization is the key to a successful business, and handing out and sharing files won’t help. When people work from home, they can only some people download company files to their computers and lose or misuse them.

15.  Unbounce

Unbounce makes it easy to create, optimize, and promote landing pages. With built-in A/B testing and advanced analytics, you can easily see which page elements deliver the most bang for your buck: landing page and lead capture tool in one.

16. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the only all-in-one digital marketing platform empowering B2B and B2C businesses, ecommerce sellers, and agencies to build customer relationships through end-to-end digital marketing campaigns, transactional messaging, and marketing automation.

17.  Whatagraph

Whatagraph is an online advertising and monitoring platform for medium-sized marketing agencies. This allows them to view, track and report on the performance of their marketing campaigns from multiple sources. Whatagraph is a transparent display. It converts performance metrics into a visual representation, helping agency teams, their clients, and anyone not a marketing professional when you read and understand simple information.

18.  ConvertKit

ConvertKit provides online email marketing tools called conversions to increase your email opens for free. In addition, the segmentation of the audience, known as rules, offers a unique mechanism for your email programs that need minutes, not hours, to do with ConvertKit. Plus, every link entered in your email list is tracked and displayed in a user-friendly dashboard. ConvertKit also allows you to copy and paste the code into your accounts to create beautiful email templates that can be integrated with your CRM platform of choice. If you’re looking for cheap and accessible email marketing software with the right automation and functionality and a wide range of API connections, try ConvertKit.

19.  Flippa

Flippa is famous tool marketers use to build an efficient and powerful affiliate website from scratch. This tool is like a website marketing tool and helps marketers buy websites with strong backlinks to ensure high SEO growth while promoting the site. Before purchasing a website, it is essential to use tools to ensure that no black hat SEO practices are implemented.

20. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a Customer Experience Automation platform that helps businesses connect and engage with customers. It creates optimized customer experiences by automating many behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and support processes. Generally, ActiveCampaign is one of the best Mailchimp alternatives for those who are ready to graduate from simpler automation tools — that’s why it’s found a home in the marketing arsenals of so many experienced marketing professionals.


Starting or growing a business isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The first step is to create a robust digital marketing plan that includes social media advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, and ongoing, valuable content that speaks to your audience. Ensuring business success means using the right digital marketing tools momentarily.

Any combination of the tools above can serve as the foundation for a solid digital marketing stack. Don’t be shy about test-driving and going through trials to find what works for your business and budget. And, once you’ve sorted it out, you can move forward with your campaigns with a sense of confidence and likewise keep a better pulse on your marketing efforts.

By all means, this list will help you in your digital marketing efforts and bring you the success you seek. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out a variety of social media templates to help organize and measure your social marketing campaigns so they align with your business’ goals. Or rather, Contact Us at any time if you’ll need any more support or help…

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