TOP 20 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

The biggest market in the 21st century is new social media trends, which have proven to be the first source to increase sales and build a brand around it.

Digital marketing trends are the core of everything in marketing trends however if you are planning to lead the new ways to improve digital marketing specialist skills, then you are in the right place.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

We are going to reveal the Digital Marketing trends in 2019 that will help you improve your skills for 2020. We believe in practising before suggesting these trends to you. So read it carefully to and start adapting this for your business to scale it up exponentially.

Here are the 20 Digital marketing trends for the year 2020

WhatsApp for business and WhatsApp chatbots.

In 2020 WhatsApp for business or WhatsApp chatbot is going to the biggest game-changer. Facebook has been started using WhatsApp buzz button pretty strongly and WhatsApp chatbot platform like flockSend, etc. will become one of the best ways to grow your subscriber. WhatsApp story ad is also expected to go big bang in 2020.

Podcast are here to rock

US has adapted to trend and India has followed this trend and get stronger. In the US podcast is now one of the tops strongest sources where people consuming content. While on YouTube we compete millions. On the other hand, podcast completion is a pretty less and voice-based search and voice-based devices while getting strong day by day.

LinkedIn will win the organic game

LinkedIn today is where Facebook was in 2008. It will bring organic value stronger you have noticed that. You post something and your friends like it and gets to know about it. They start sending you network request and that is how the drive grow. LinkedIn allows you to innovative pdf-based scroll, better reach for videos, Good engagement and overall it will become a complete the world full of professionals.

LinkedIn ads will get cheaper

When someone asks this question hey do you use LinkedIn advertisement and even before I respond there would be someone say its expensive. Yes, it is but their lots of differences. If you want to make a reach to decision-makers, the top guy is hangout on LinkedIn and not much on Instagram or Facebook. In 2019 I have tested LinkedIn ads in several times, and it has worked brilliantly. Don’t be surprised LinkedIn ads will become cheaper in 2020. So, master it right now.

Tiktok will catch the attention of marketers

All the entire world is thinking TikTok is going to be the next big thing why because of its growth. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms in a very short time why because of entertainment or infotainment. TikTtok advertisement, TikTok challenge, TikTok for education and as I said TikTok for Infotainment. You are going to adapt lots of these in 2020. As a rural most segment in India is TikTok savvy.

Vernacular will dominate the internet

It’s been a year and year of prediction but vernacular this year will overrule English in India. Thanks to TikTok that all the social media brand will try to bring the strong flavour of Hindi, Tamil and other languages to make their platform more popular. While on YouTube Vernacular language-based content will be most consumable in 2020. If brands do not invest in a vernacular advertisement on Facebook, they will see the cost increasing. We have been creating Tamil advertisement, Hindi advertisement, Marathi advertisement and advertisement in different languages and the cost per lead will get cheaper.

Story ads will yield the best results

2020 will kill a number of likes on Instagram post. But the stores where people are gonna hang out. YouTube Story, Instagram story, Facebook Story and WhatsApp story. Don’t be surprised If LinkedIn launches their version of stories too. Story ads will cheaper and dominating so go and invest there.

Instagram organic reach will improve

Fearing TikTok success you can expect Instagram to potentially bring the more organic reach in their platform. It’s time for you connect to interact with the audience on our day to day bases.

Facebook messenger and WhatsApp sequence will replace emails

Email marketing its expensive affair to maintain database
challenge and most of the emails landed up on spam box. Messenger and WhatsApp
based database marketing dominate in 2020. Its cheap crisp one to one and very
conversational. Trust me the opening rate of both the platform has been

Digital PR will Build your SEO

SEO is not dead it requires long-form content and creates backlinks. Build the game of backlinks digital PR initiative become a columness top blogs, generous, e-papers and make it lots of the difference to your SEO growth and remember to create few masters pieces and get as many backlinks as possible internally for these masterpieces to another blog post you must retain support them. Remember the king and queen blog post matters a lot.

YouTube ads will become like Facebook ads

2020 has become to the dominance of growing YouTube subscription but the key question is will that you really get your video views. Maybe or maybe not. So growing YouTube channel in digitally forming India will become a new fat. Focus YouTube SEO this year and be more worried about the watch time of the video than anything else this year just learn how to be discovered.

YouTube community

If you really wish to build something in 2020 you should focus on YouTube stories and YouTube community post. It starts engaging your audience where it’s going to be one of the largest communities that you can build around the content instead of posting things on the Facebook page. It’s better that you grow your YouTube channel and start engaging your channel on the YouTube community out there.

2020 is about YouTube + podcast + text-based SEO in combination

Try a blog post with an audio embed from google podcast and a video embed from YouTube on the same topic. You will have higher chances of the blog post coming on the top of the google search results why because you have to use multiple Google products. It’s just a suggestion and you can test it us and see if it brings up you some good results.

Google My Business page is the new cool

Websites will die in 2020. Lots of local business will start adapting and invest in google my business. If you want to really go strong in the local SEO game, you need to dominate Google My Business. All you must do maintain a keyword reach page and create page reviews consistency update your page with new updates, images and videos and promoted extensively on your blog and other channel or across social media platforms.

Augmented reality

You can focus on customized Instagram filter in 2020. This is, however, a luxury that every brand can adapt. In the AR world, you can expect AR Live events videos and create a better buying experience for a lot of your customers.

Digital detox

A lot of programs will play digital detox this year will flurries. Many would have completed a decade of social media usage and this has only to be mountain as anxiety, depression and laziness for many as the result many program and product related to digital detox is more to flourish in 2020.

Facebook Pages will die

The role of Facebook pages will become a content dumping platform this year. Facebook group will see more advanced features business growing Facebook communities will have a better organic reach and interaction with their audience. So, go build a Facebook community on Facebook.

Social media stores

Facebook marketplace, Instagram store and Instagram shopper
post will dominate in 2020 with a lot of new features.

The rise of Live

YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram live will dominate in 2020. You grow your tribe this must become alive. So, start going live every other day.

Influencers and SEO

while schema makes a lot of difference in SEO 2020 too. Brands using influencers for SEO will succeed more than brand waiting for guest post expect accepting for backlink so start creating long term SEO strategy with bloggers domain authority go build a relationship with those influencers and make them talk about your brand on social media. As well as a blog and YouTube channel. It makes a lot of difference for SEO and your brand credibility. 

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