Top 5 Advertising and Digital Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021 – Great Place for Internet Users to Store and Manage Sites

Optimize for Google’s Latest Update

Google’s Page Experience update has started rolling out and will be completed by August 2021. It includes Core Web Vitals- a new metric that will measure a user’s experience while loading a page based on interactivity, load time, and content stability. Pages that rank highly in Core Web Vitals will likely see a boost in overall search rankings.

Plan for the End of Third-party Cookies

Third-party cookies can collect a lot of information about users, which is why by 2022, Google will remove third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari will also block third-party cookies, changing how digital ads are targeted and tracked.

Focus on Customer Retention

Brands struggling to recover from the happenings of 2020 should focus on customer retention. It is different from customer acquisition or lead generation and focuses on customers who have already signed up for a service or purchased a product from your brand.

Start Selling on Social Media

Social commerce will continue to grow in 2021- both e-commerce and traditional retailers will adopt it to drive sales. Facebook and Instagram have launched a new Shop feature since customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow.

Explore Augmented Reality

AR is becoming more accessible, and brands are using this technology to provide a more interactive experience for their customers. As more brands adopt it, AR will become mainstream, accelerated by the pandemic, where virtual has become the new normal.

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