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What are the benefits of using a digital marketing agency based in your city?

Face-to-face meetings are easy and convenient
Agencies often have some pretty swanky offices, as they’re out to impress their clients. Being close to your agency of choice will mean you’re able to pop in and appreciate some top-notch customer service.

Also, being able to bat some creative ideas around face-to-face is the best way to have your say regarding the direction of the campaign. Regularly bringing many minds together in one creative space will be hugely beneficial to the impact the marketing has.

Community awareness
A local agency will know what’s on in the area, and when. In other words, it’ll know when you’re likely to be at the local trade show, or attending an event, as their local calendar will match your local calendar.

This will facilitate the kind of collaborative understanding regarding time and availability that you wouldn’t get with a larger agency, which many be situated outside of your town or city.

Local agencies mean local leads
A business local to your area will have connections in the marketing and media world on a local level. This is especially useful, as cross-promotional content can be created that benefits both your business and other organisations within the city or community.

Team approach
Say you have a marketing associate in-house. Sure, they’ll be great, and they’ll do the best they can with the skills they have. But, as our page will tell you, properly running an effective campaign is a job far beyond what a one-man-band can achieve.

This is why hiring a local agency is a massive win. Not only will you be supporting local talent, but you’ll have a full team of trained people on the task. This way, you can rest assured that every aspect of your campaign is covered – not just the select aspects that one employee can manage.

Fresh, innovative thinking
London is a hive of creative minds. As a city, it attracts some of the country’s – or indeed the world’s – top innovators. This is one of the biggest benefits of using a London-based digital agency: you’re guaranteed the best service in the business. People come from far and wide to work in London’s digital marketing scene, creating a vast pool of talent you can tap into if your London-based business opts to go local.