Top 7 Ways Thanksgiving Dinner and Digital Marketing Share Similarities

Thanksgiving is here, and you are eagerly waiting for that delicious turkey meal to be popped out of the oven. That sweet aroma of potato pie and all those decorations, it surely is a day when everything becomes so colorful and vibrant. However, among all this festivity, work never stops and nor do we! If you are a digital marketing enthusiast or someone who wants to know just how important digital marketing is for their business, here is a well-described list of commonalities between the two.

Let’s take a look at the 7 common features between Thanksgiving 2019 and Digital Marketing.

1-Being a Thanksgiving Host Takes Preparation, and So Does Digital Marketing:

Let us face the ultimate truth. There is no fairy godmother to magically prepare things for the Thanksgiving celebrations. It takes a lot of planning, cleaning the home, shopping lists, delegating responsibilities, waking up early, and so much more. So, your Thanksgiving 2019 dinner won’t be any magical experience unless to work hard to make it happening and delightful.

The very same rule applies to digital marketing, as well. Preparing a fruitful strategy for digital marketing needs of your brand takes up a substantial amount of time and energy. Running a brand or business is actually a full-time task. You might want to throw in a couple of blogs, social media links, and logos to the scenario, but that won’t work. Everything has to be planned, or it might result in chaos.

2-Recipe Is Important:

Just like the way you require your Grandma’s special recipe to prepare that pecan pie for Thanksgiving 2019, a well-studied strategy is a must to amp up the digital marketing ventures opted by a company. There are “n” things you need to take care of, and anything going out of proportion will wreak havoc to the entire protocol. Apart from that, you need to remember that no one gets it right the first time. Ok, some might, but that is sheer luck. Perfection can only be attained through practice, and the same can be said for digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing is more of an artistic journey as opposed to scientific discovery. It might require some tweaks before things are just the way you want them to be.

3-Invite the Guests:

You aren’t a popular personality or a Hollywood star. So, unless you send out an invitation for your Thanksgiving 2019 party, no one might show up for the same. The same goes for digital marketing, as well. Just because your brand has created a website and social media profile doesn’t mean it can automatically attain the traffic it needs. You need to ensure that your target audience is aware of its existence. You can do so with email marketing or paid advertising. Create a stellar content which will help attract the target audience and motivate them to share the same over social media as well.

4-The End Decides What Worked:

You cannot simply taste just one dish from the entire Thanksgiving 2019 meal and decide that it works for you. Unless you test out the other recipes as well and reach to the end of the meal, you cannot unless which dish was the best from the rest. Similarly, with digital marketing, you need to test out all the strategies. This ensures that you haven’t left any stone unturned when it comes to promoting a brand. You need to use analytics in order to measure the traffic inflow or the email-based click-through. You need to use this particular engagement metrics over the social media channels in order to understand the needs of the audience. So, unless you try it all, you won’t understand what works and what doesn’t.

5-Moderation Helps:

When it comes to a lavish Thanksgiving 2019 meal, it is never good for your stomach to overdose. You might end up sitting on the toilet for hours with an upset stomach. The very same thing goes for digital marketing needs, as well. It is easy to go for 100 percent with all the crucial elements in digital marketing. However, the key is to keep things in moderation. Remember, a business that is based on photography or fashion would get no benefits if you try to promote the same over LinkedIn or Twitter. So, the key is to prepare a nice plan and put it in place and watch the brand grow with time. This will help save a substantial amount from your budget and yield maximum benefits.

6-Thanksgiving Leftovers:

Just like you make something up with the Thanksgiving leftovers, the same rule applies to digital marketing, as well. You need to identify the elements that worked and try to reinvent them. Say, for example, you have a blog that got maximum read. Now, you can use the same blog content and prepare a video ad or series out of it. With time, you need to be creative and digital marketing brings you endless possibilities.

7-Can’t Cook, the Meal, Get it Delivered:

While some hosts are always enthusiastic about the cooking and preparation, for some, it is nothing more than a hectic chore. If you fall into the latter category, you can always order in and enjoy the day.

Similarly, digital marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You might end up making a mess. So, it is better to leave it to the professionals who know the latest business trends and come with years of experience handling the needs of brands and enterprises.


Thanksgiving is the best time for any small or big business to attract potential customers and digital marketing is the best way to do so. Today, when everything has moved to the online platform, creating a recognizable presence is of high importance. So, if you are in need of digital marketing services, always hire professional experts to get the best return on your investment.

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