Top Digital Marketing Agencies in India

Digital marketing, Just like one of those fancy new words mostly people make use of to sound all well prepared in meetings or is it really that important? First let’s deal with the vital question: What is it?

What is Digital Marketing?

In easier words, we can say that digital marketing is a basic form of marketing various kinds of products or services which involves the use of electronic devices or the internet.

Business such as  search engine optimization (SEO), search
engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content
automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing,  e-commerce marketing, social media marketing,
social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, Display advertising,
e–books, and optical disks and games are becoming more common in our advancing
technology. It can be performed both online and offline.

Digital Marketing Examples :

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Inbound Marketing

Why digital marketing is important for any business?

Whenever a small business starts its operations in the
marketplace, their core focus is on how to get their first class of followers
through the door. They make use of various modes of advertising which includes
printed ads or discount coupons or even huge banners on the road sides. While
these strategies are useful in meeting the target, it is a viable option for
small businesses to consider the huge market of prospects online.

The pool of potential customers that are present
online is way larger than the audience present locally. Using the efficient
digital marketing techniques, one can reach a vast variety of audience in a
manner which is both cost-effective and measurable.

The benefits which digital marketing provides are enormous, some of which are listed below:

  1. Helps to have better interaction with the potential customers and understand what exactly are their requirements.
  2. Ability to reach out for a huge global marketplace.
  3. Chance to save money and reach out to more consumers using less traditional methods.
  4. Grow brand loyalty.
  5. Track the efforts that have been made for marketing immediately.

For any business to be successful in this field, there
is a requirement of full dedication to the marketplace towards the consumers
and competitors both. It is a fact that in today’s digital world, the first
area any customer goes to look for services or products they desire is online.
Whatever they are looking for, they first perform a Google search. Thus, if one
doesn’t have an online presence at all, they won’t be discoverable online
creating a loss to the potential business. Thus, the best solution available to
lessen the pressure is by undertaking a digital marketing agency to do some
efficient digital marketing for the business.

Here are mentioned some great hard-working digital
marketing agencies which can work wonders for any business platform:

1.Dentsu Webchutney

Started in 1999 by Siddharth and Sudesh, Dentsu
Webchutney has helped businesses to advertise online. They undertake operations
in 3 cities, Gurgoan, Mumbai and Bangalore. The company has been ranked #1
amongst the Indian digital agencies with 190+ creative talents working in the

Their focus is innovating the manner various brands
are developed for their clients through the medium of media, creative and
digital communications services. The agency offers services in Social Media,
Web Development, Media, Mobile development, Video and Innovation.

They have a vast data base of clients including
Flipkart, Nokia, Ladybird TVC, Maruti,

Comedy Central, Bacardi, Roland Garros, Swiggy and
many more.


WATConsult is an efficient digital and social media
agency under the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) group which enables the users to
develop, connect and establish a strong relationship with their customers.

Founded in 2007 and headed by Rajiv Dingra, this
agency undertakes operations like Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital
Analytics, Digital Video Production, Search Marketing and Social Media
Marketing in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.

This agency with nearly 750+ employees has been successful
in catering to the needs of brands like Jockey, ONLY, Body Shop, Mother Dairy,
Vivanta, Kotak Life Insurance, Vero Moda and Peter England.

The agency delivers high-value services to their
potential clients across the world according to the customer analysis with
utmost sincerity and perfection. They aim at providing a vast sphere of
services, consultancy and computing solutions for transforming and renovating
businesses for their clients.


Isobar is a global agency that provides assistance in
digital transformation through the medium of creativity. The agency provides
solution to complex business challenges through digital marketing, ecosystems
and products, brand loyalty and driving digital strength. Their clients include
Adidas, P&G, Philips, Coca-Cola, Enterprise and Huawei.

The agency helps the businesses to define digital
transformation strategy and consists of a borderless multi-disciplinary team
that provides growth-focused answers to clients for complex challenges and
unlock exponential growth and define digital transformation roadmaps.

Their services include Marketing Intelligence,
Technology, Innovation, business and brand transformation and omnichannel


Founded by Ruchir Punjabi, Langoor is a digital agency
working with creative technologists to help to achieve business outcomes
through the medium of marketing strategies based on analytics and customer
journeys. The agency efficiently develops 360-degree campaigns which connects
online and offline experiences and helps to grow web systems and commerce
platforms that helps to take the business forward.

Their huge team of experts offer aa wide range of
services including design, content, animation, UV/UI and creation to develop
web-based applications.

The agency has a large number of clients like the
North face, Krispy Kreme donuts, Central, Columbia, practo,, planet
fashion, Accenture, Wipro, MoneyGram, FabIndia, Ford, Epson, Tech Mahindra, The
body shop and Tata Sky.


Founded by Mandeep Singh and Rakesh Yadav, Adglobal360
endeavors to preserve the art while leveraging the science. The agency
understands the users trying to sell efficiently and build a relationship. From
big data analytics to a scientific standpoint, they have the accurate tools to
develop a successful data and analytics functions, measuring and making sense
of the metrics. They also take into consideration the psychographic
segmentation and chart sound strategies that undergrid gripping narratives.

They offer vast varieties of services including
competitive benchmarking, asset strategy, industry landscaping, brand
positioning, brand strategy, performance, programmatic and search strategy, web
technology, mobile app development, digital analytics, audience analytics, data
integration, data management and many more. They have large number of clients
including Rivigo, Reliance, Mercedes, Maruti, Liberty Insurance, Firefox,
Greenlam Laminates, Coca-Cola, Amity University, Nestle and many more.

6.Interactive avenues

Under Amar deep Singh, Interactive avenue has
developed well as a full service digital marketing company which has always
been able to change the way the users are able to look at it. They have experts
with a range of unique skills and provide audience-first, end-to-end answers
that creatively break through, unify channel strategies and develop the
performance. They undertake operations in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Their clients include Amazon, Zivame, American
Express, Durex, Sony, Toyota, Intel and many more. The agency approaches
strategy by exploring the external and internal factors impacting the brand’s
relations to its audience and the marketplace. 


Pinstorm focuses on the integrated digital marketing
techniques and provides services including social media marketing, campaigns,
search marketing, bids, ads, prospects and Search engine marketing. The agency
undertakes operations in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, US, Europe, Singapore and

The agency has a vast database of clients including
ICICI, Hindustan Times, CCD, HSBC, ET Now, GQ, Yahoo, Canon, Greenpeace, Lee,
Jet Airways, NIIT, Idea, Tanishq and many more. The agency provides end-to-end
product development services through the medium of experience design, cloud to
build disruptive web and mobile apps and cutting-edge engineering.  

8.To the new

This is a premium digital technology agency that
provides digital services to Fortune 500 companies and Silicon startups across
the globe. Their services include user experience design, cloud, big data,
testing and infrastructure managed services and web & mobile application
development. Design led engineering is at the core of the offerings of the
agency including Blockchain, AEM, AWS, IoT, MEAN, Roku and many more.

The agency caters to the needs of various companies
like Time Warner Cable, Sony, Pizza Hut, TATA Sky, Make In India, AirAsia,
Maruti Suzuki, Samsung, LG, Axis Bank, Castrol, Google, CITI and Indusland
Bank. This agency provides assistance to the companies traverse the complex
digital transformation journey leveraging cutting-edge technologies. They help
to develop disruptive products with design-led engineering approach.


This marketing agency led by Amardeep Bjapai and
founded in 2009 operates on integrated communications and provides services of
email-marketing, e-commerce web design, mobile marketing and web development,
etc. They have their operations in Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi with 51-200
fully dedicated employees.

They help their potential customers to develop
business for the new age technology. They transform the digital technology in
favor of their clients through their IP based methodology that helps them focus
of core digital excellence. They strictly adhere to client-dictated objective
and have a dedicated account management inception.

This efficient agency combines the business
experiences with creative expertise to provide a result-oriented communication
that gives the potential customers the bang for the buck. The agency has been
able to cater the needs of some top-notch brands to develop a strong and
lasting relationship with the customers on social media.


This Digital Marketing Agency is a newbie in the
market but has been able to make the clients happier than ever. It was brought
in the market in the year 2010 by Rohan Bhansali and has nearly 250 fully
dedicated employees. They primarily have operations in Mumbai and deal with
clients like Dell, Pearson, ITC, Flipkart and Jio.

Their key services include Social Media Marketing,
Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Development and also Web Development.

They are a developing company which started its
operations in a garage and now has more than 100 per cent compounded growth

The agency prides itself on developing and nurturing
some of the strongest lasting relationships with the biggest pioneering brands
in Indian Advertising.

11.Cheil India

This is a digital marketing agency with the top
advertising networks in the nation and serves as the regional headquarters for
Cheil Worldwide in South-West Asia. It is headed by Atika Malik in Gurugram
with 500-1000 employees working on the clock.

The company has major operations in Strategic
Solutions, Media Solutions, Digital Solutions and Creative Solutions and are
dedicated to bring passion for ideas and a holistic approach to their
advertising work. They have a vast client database of Titan, Samsung, Jet
Airways, Aditya Birla, Park Avenue and also Adidas.

They are characterized by on-site analysis, which
helps in quick responses to fundamental changes in the advertising environment.
They directly measure the consumer behavior instead of relying on the
traditional methods in order to learn the rapid change in
consumer needs in this digital era.

12. Ethinos

digital marketing agency is determined to serve the consumers with efficient
Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media
Marketing and Monitoring. They also have operations in interactive online
campaigns and have working expertise with B2B sectors also.

by Siddharth Hedge in Mumbai with 51-200 employees, the agency makes the users
their No. 1 priority and empower them to stay ahead of the competition.

have top-notch clients varying from The Times of India, Accenture, Ambuja
Cement, Wipro to KPMG, Sonata, Idea and Toyota.

agency believes in collecting and analysing the data based on social media
analysis system and a digital user panel. They also provide consulting services
on consumer behaviour analysis, scientific retailer operation systems and more.

13.Social Beat

Social beat is one of India’s leading digital
marketing solutions agency with branches in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai
founded in 2012 by Suneil Chawla and Vikas Chawla. The company is a young and
energetic team of 130+ fully dedicated individuals who have a strong belief of
innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solutions for potential clients like
Specsmaker, Shriram Properties, TATA Mutual Fund, Laundry Boy and Viber.

The agency caters various businesses to develop their
brand market with the help of digital services like Website Development, Social
Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing and User Experience

The agency through the medium of influencer marketing,
helps various digital campaigns to get an effective start. They generate
content that inspires engagement to reach a vast pool of potential customers.
The agency efficiently combines the art and science of marketing to produce
better results for the potential customers.

14.Pulp Strategy

Pulb strategy is a young digital marketing, technology
and digital communications company. They mainly focus on providing solutions
with creative storytelling and translating the same into efficient data-driven
marketing initiatives.

Founded in 2011 by Ambika Sharma, the agency with the
help of 51-200 employees caters to the demands of clients like Philips, Croma,
Apple, Yahoo, Nokia and Michelin. They undertake operations like Program Design
and Management, Digital Intelligence, Retail Engagement Design, Integrated
Experiences and Technology and Platform Development in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata,
Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

They have a specialized expert team of content
creators, engineers, technology specialists, digital intelligence analysts and
media planners. There operations provide better emotional recall which
definitely enhances the click-through rate and boosts conversions. They also
provides facilities for the vernacular language by providing creation of ads,
websites and apps in local languages to reach the potential target audience.

15.Lowe Lintas

Lowe lintas is a leading and a reliable digital
marketing service company headquartered in Mumbai owned as a subsidiary of
Inter Public Group in New York and the London based Lowe+ Partners Worldwide
Network headed by Raj Gupta. They have been ranked as the #1 Indian agency by
Effies for their efficient services in the wide marketplace. They undertake
operations for clients like ICICI Prudential, Idea, Tata Tea and many more in
Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Through their unique mix of creativity powered by
genius, they create, grow and sustain brand awareness on the platform of social
media. They not only do promote the brand but they also create content to
capture their attention, nurture them and then finally convert them into leads
through compelling calls-to-action. They ensure that the potential user’s brand
gets the maximum exposure among highly relevant audiences.

The agency offers services like Brand Strategy,
Consumer Insight, Creative development, Communications planning, Multimedia campaign
creation and Campaign measurement and ROI. They are a creatively driven
integrated marketing communications agency with a strong entrepreneurial
heritage and challenger mentality. They make use of creativity to get the
client’s brands the best share of attention in the wide growing market place.

This list of efficient digital marketing companies is
sure to enlighten the potential users on various services and the extent of the
agency reach. A sustained long-term social media campaign is the key to be
ahead of the competitors in the market. There’s nothing to lose by adding a
digital media marketing campaign, while without it increases the chances of
being left behind. Establishing an online presence can be done fast and
effectively only through the medium of social media. Implementing proper
digital media marketing can boost customers, conversions, traffic and reap huge

Understanding of digital marketing is very critical
when looking for the right agency for the organization or when building an
in-house digital marketing team. To broaden the reach in acquiring the right
digital marketing agency, a comprehensive list of the best and top digital
marketing companies in India has been provided after a lot market research and

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