Top Digital Marketing Certifications that will skyrocket your Digital Marketing Career

There is no such word like constant when it comes to technology advancement and digital marketing skills. Neither industry nor any digital marketer can survive without keeping up-to-date knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends and new skills.

Digital Marketing skills cannot be shown in words to any of the organization and Companies need a valid and recognized certificate before hiring you and Hence, Digital Marketing Certification plays a major and forefront role in your CV and you stand out in the selection process.

On what basis a company should offer you a Digital Marketing Manager role or let you run its digital marketing campaign as a freelancer. Authorized Digital Marketing Certificate from any reputed Digital Marketing Institute or company is the only concrete answer for your selection.

There are many digital marketing courses and certification available on the online and offline today but again the validation of the certificates matter the most.

Top Digital Marketing Certificates to skyrocket your career:

Below are the most necessary Digital Marketing Certifications for a person who has planned and focused to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and look pro on job portals and professional networking site like LinkedIn.


Digital Marketing is all about how you advertise and market any product and service over the internet and Google is the most effective and powerful source of overall Internet Space.

Google Ads have two types of examination one is fundamental and other is advanced level. Exams include Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and shopping Advertising.

Google Ads exam will test your knowledge pertaining to advertising on its various platforms and hands-on-experience is much needed to get an effective score and concept clarity as study material will give you on theoretical briefing but for masters, you need a practical approach.


Google Analytics is the most effective tracking tool used to measure the growth of the website and show you the real-time traffic coming organically and inorganically.

Why hands-on experience and practical exposure has given utmost emphasis is because to be called as Google Analytics Certified, you need to be an advanced user who has experimented with the usage.

The advantage of this will lead you for better accountability and reporting management. Google Analytics is vast gateways where you can experiment with lots of filters help you to track your funnels and get all traffic-related reports at one place.


Content Marketing is the pillar of any digital marketing strategy. A productive content can lead you to rule the digital world as the Internet is all about we circulate content as a piece of information.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification include a short course of 3 hours on how you can build an effective content marketing strategy including content promotion, content analyzation, content creation, content repurposing, content ideation and storytelling


Inbound Marketing is about generating leads and attracting visitors, also known as ‘Pull Marketing’ strategy in the digital industry. Digital Marketer’s main role in a company is to generate business for it. Marketing department spends marketing budget in order to get potential leads so to generate revenue and if you are able to give business to any organization then you justify your job as a Digital Marketer.

If Inbound Marketing Strategy hit the internet world right way then your potential leads will surely be your potential customers and ultimate promoters.

This certification will enhance your capabilities to understand inbound marketing practices and your skills to handle HubSpot platform individually and independently.


Social Media is a platform where you get connected with masses and this mass of people will give you your right audience in abundance and with all the filters you want. Hootsuite is a great social media management platform and at the same time offers you a golden chance to be a beginner or pro as a Social Media Marketer.

Hootsuite certification will be given as a badge and you can get an exquisite chance to be a Hootsuite Social media consultant too.


Copyblogger is a renowned name in Digital media and offers Copyblogger Authority Membership under copyblogger certified content marketer program.

There are numerous content creators in the industry but to follow the right strategy and approach this networking community gives you a working platform to get advanced content marketing training and brush up your skills so that your efforts to create worth content will not be wasted with wrong marketing steps.

#7 Delhi School of Internet Marketing Masters Certification

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)  had only one aim since 2011 to create Digital Marketers and Digital aspirants in such crafted way that if any company thinks of hiring any Digital marketing personnel they only go for one name i.e. DSIM and we proudly announce to live this every moment now.

Niche about DSIM Digital Marketing certification course is a hands-on experience. It’s huge Digital Marketing web and Digital campaigns in all internet platforms across gives you a transparent view what all the course sums up with. We are teaching what we are doing from years successfully.

Live project course with huge networking does not need any screening later and you can get your certification directly after completing the course and it’s valid across the world.


Facebook is a vast social media platform where you can push the relevant information and can reach to the masses underlying your target audience. Facebook Certification will help you gain more elaborated knowledge of how you can market your product and service to potential customers.

Facebook Certified Planning Professionals and Facebook Certified Buying Professionals are the two main programs it offers. Along with this, Facebook Blueprint Certification gives advance level proficiency and chances of your selection as a Social media expert will be more.


Above-mentioned digital marketing courses and certification are planned to help digital marketers learn ins and outs about digital marketing in a detailed way.