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Are you looking to start your career in digital marketing in Hyderabad? This blog will help you find the top institutes and the best digital marketing course in Hyderabad.

This article will take you through the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad so that you can choose from the best!

Before we plunge into the best digital marketing course in Hyderabad, let’s look at the significance and job opportunities the system offers

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses the Internet for promoting and selling products or services on the web. It uses online marketing channels like search engines, social media networks, and Email to reach your target audience.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries all over the world. Since technological advancements are happening increasingly, businesses rely on online marketing platforms compared to traditional advertising. Having your business on online media can do wonders with the proper techniques.

According to an article by marketing charts, companies spend 55% on online marketing. Total spending on digital advertising in 2021 was $436 billion compared to traditional advertising at $196 billion. If you look at the figures closely, imagine how many companies have switched from traditional advertising to online advertising.

Today, the world has gone digital, from virtual meetings and booking salons and cabs to ordering food, groceries, and vegetables. Everything is merely a click away.

Scope of Digital Marketing

The scope of digital marketing is enormous. Before we delve into the range of digital marketing, let’s look at the statistic published by Cisco, which states that, In India, there will be 840 million internet users, which will cover 60% of the population by 2022. Isn’t it great?

Using digital marketing to promote your business can help you reach a wider audience and build engagement organically.

Several industries are connected to online marketing, like Design, Tech, Media, PR, Finance, and more.

That being the case, it is an excellent chance for these companies to grow! Considering all the aspects, job opportunities in digital marketing will be huge.

Careers in Digital Marketing Industry

Since the scope of digital marketing is vast, more and more careers are emerging in this field. The demand for digital marketers is increasing more and more in India. Knowing digital marketing strategies and digital marketing concepts. The digital marketing industry is growing exponentially in India.

You can apply for many digital marketing jobs with abundant digital marketing careers in the space. A digital marketing career provides many opportunities to help businesses reach their target audiences through digital channels.

As a digital marketing manager, you will develop and oversee digital marketing campaigns, monitor and analyse metrics to assess campaign effectiveness, and adjust strategies to achieve desired results.

You will also work with other marketing team members to ensure that campaigns are coordinated and aligned with overall marketing objectives.

As a digital marketer, you can specialize in one or more digital marketing channels, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, or content marketing.

No matter your specialization, you will use your creativity and analytical skills to develop targeted campaigns that engage customers and promote conversion.

A digital marketing career offers a chance to impact the bottom line of businesses, large and small. Consider digital marketing if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

There are many advantages to digital marketing over traditional marketing. One of the most important advantages is that digital marketing is more cost-effective. With traditional marketing, businesses have to pay for print, TV, and radio ads.

With digital marketing, businesses can reach their target audience at a much lower cost. In addition, digital marketing is more targeted than traditional marketing. Companies can use various methods to target their advertising to specific groups of people.

For example, they can use Google AdWords to target people searching for specific keywords related to their business. Finally, digital marketing is more effective in building relationships with customers.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing techniques are 100% trackable. With digital marketing, you can track every user from the start to the end. This data can further help the marketer to make enhancements to their campaign.

Customers can interact with businesses through social media, Email, and other channels. This interaction helps to build trust and loyalty between customers and companies. As a result, digital marketing is a more effective way to build relationships with customers and promote products and services.

What consists of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a deep subject of many different things. It can significantly help a business get a boost. With the help of digital marketing strategies, a company can become a brand and generate more revenue.

The digital marketing industry is increasing every day. Businesses realize the power of digital marketing. Since the lockdowns of COVID-19, people have preferred the Internet to buy things.

There are many digital marketing strategies which can help a business. These strategies include:

Learning digital marketing can put you in an advantageous position. There are many opportunities in the digital marketing sector. Moreover, it is growing every day. However, to become a successful digital marketer, you must master the above strategies.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

1. Brandveda’s Digital Marketing Course

Established in 2014 to teach India the best education in Digital marketing and transform earners into experts. Brandveda is the best digital marketing institute in India.

The digital marketing course of Brandveda is the best digital marketing course in Hyderabad. Brandveda has trained over 50000 students and aims to teach 5,00,000 students in the next few years.

You can do the courses from anywhere worldwide as they provide both online and offline training. Within the modules, they provide internship sessions of live projects to students.

They also provide 100% job assistance to students and have partnered with over 100+ top-notch companies looking for talent. They give a detailed & comprehensive digital marketing course in Hyderabad & that’s what makes Brandveda the best digital marketing institute in India.


Brandveda’s placement cell provides 100% placement assistance to their students. But, to get better and better placement, you need practice. The more you practice, the better your skills become. Hence, Brandveda also provides internship opportunities to practice what they teach.

With constant efforts, Brandveda’s placement cell has placed many of its students in big digital marketing companies. These companies include Bonoboz, RapidOps, Web Chanakya, Uplers, PwC gmBH, InVideo, Schbang, SEO London, Litmus Branding, WebIndia Inc. & more.

With more than 100+ placement partners, they provide their students with the best digital marketing jobs. This digital marketing institute has given over 5000+ digital marketing professionals to the industry.


Along with the best digital marketing course in Hyderabad, they also provide an opportunity to practice digital marketing. They provide their students to enrol in their internship program. Their internship program is a detailed program curated to give the best practical knowledge to their students.

They teach each & every concept of digital marketing practically. As a result, the best placements were achieved because of the internship program.


Brandveda offers a lot of digital marketing tools that improve efficiency. They have tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, MarketMuse, Surfers, Jasper, InVideo, Flexclip, Writecream, Moz Pro, & many more.

They firmly believe that practising with the best tools will help the students to gain efficiency.

Digital marketing Course & Curriculum

The course curriculum is not only limited to students; working professionals, business owners, homepreneurs, and freelancers can also enrol themselves in it.

Along with the digital marketing course in Hyderabad, they provide 15+ certifications like Google, SEMrush, and HubSpot that can help boost your portfolio.

Course Faculty

The course faculty is the industry expert himself, Mr Saurabh Pandey. With an experience of over 15+ years, he is one of the best trainers in the digital marketing industry.

Course Highlights

Course Fee

Contact details

Google ratings

4.9 stars with 1300+ Google reviews

2. Digital Floats’ Digital Marketing Courses in Hyderabad

Amongst many digital marketing courses in Hyderabad, digital floats provide complete digital marketing certification ideal for students and working professionals who want to upskill themselves in the field.

They offer advanced training sessions offline and online. The course module is well strategically planned for beginners to advanced skilled professionals. It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.

Digital Floats have instructor-led live classroom training to help you gain campaign management and optimization expertise. Moreover, this digital marketing training institute provides 24/7 trainer support to their students and transforms them into digital marketers.

Digital Floats provide 28+ digital marketing modules and 12+ certifications with real-time internship sessions for practical learning. They have trained more than 10,000+ students with 100% placement.

Digital Marketing Course & Curriculum

Course Highlights

Contact details

3. Web Trainings

Web training is one of the top digital marketing training institutes in Hyderabad. Established in 2008, it is one of the pioneer institutes in the city. They specialize in skill-based digital marketing certification programs. Moreover, they specialize in SEO training, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, and web design course. They provide one of the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.

The Web Trainings institute focuses on practical digital marketing training with live projects and internships. Apart from Digital Marketing, they offer courses like Graphic Designing, Video Animation, Data Science, AWS certification and Python.

Their digital marketing course in Hyderabad is among the best among many because of the level of learning.

Course & Curriculum

Course Highlights

  • Top Hiring Partners
  • 100% job assistance
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access to paid tools
  • Internship sessions
  • Live projects
  • 12+ certifications
  • 14+ years of faculty
  • Personal mentoring sessions
  • Weekly assignments
  • Soft skills
  • Resume building

Contact details

Google Ratings & Reviews

4.8 stars with 800+ google reviews

4. Digital Medha

Digital Medha is one of the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad. A woman entrepreneur founds this digital marketing training institute. Hence, it is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad. Mounika Patel is the founder and trainer at Digital Medha.

Digital Medha also offers many digital marketing services to various clients. It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad. In addition, their internet marketing course covers everything from basic to advanced concepts. Concepts like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, & more.

Digital Medha aims to transform a student into a full-fledged digital marketer with the help of their digital marketing training in Hyderabad. Additionally, they also help students practice live projects.

You can learn digital marketing by enrolling in this digital marketing course in Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

Why Digital Medha?

Contact Details:

5. ExcelR Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

ExcelR digital marketing training institute provides a great digital marketing course in Hyderabad. They give a lot of courses related to information technology.

With Hyderabad’s best digital marketing course, they have the best digital marketing strategies to teach their students to transform them into full-fledged digital marketers.

ExcelR’s digital marketing course is a detailed course which provides comprehensive digital marketing training. With 100% placement assistance, they have placed many students in many digital marketing agencies in India.

Their digital marketing course in Hyderabad covers all the concepts of digital marketing and advanced concepts. They also provide 100% placement assistance along with their digital marketing course in Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

Why ExcelR?

Contact Details:


A comprehensive Digital marketing course with Certification with 100% job placement. IIDE has a goal of providing live training to its students. They are focused on providing the best education to their learners.

IIDE offers MBA Level Program Post graduation training in Digital Marketing with a combination of cutting-edge technical and managerial skills. The duration of the course is 11 months with 12+ certifications. Besides long-term learning programs, IIDE focuses on advanced and week-long short-term courses for working professionals.

Course & Curriculum

Course Highlights

Course Fee & Duration

The MBA post-graduation course duration is 11 months. Advanced Course- 4 months. The fee of the course is INR 88,983 + Taxes.

Contact Details

7. Digital Nest

Digital nest is India’s No. 1 Training academy for Digital marketing. They provide short-term and long-term Digital Marketing courses in Hyderabad for students and professionals. Their post-graduate Program in Digital Marketing is quite prevalent among the students.

The course offers real-time internship and working on live projects, Competitive analysis, and advanced understanding of Digital marketing automation tools and CRM software. Furthermore, they help you create various digital marketing strategies to generate creativity.

This digital marketing institute has a dedicated job placement team. Moreover, they also train you for the interviews. With multiple assignments, tasks & case studies, Digital Nest also prepares you to have practical knowledge of digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Course & Curriculum

Course Highlights

Contact details

Google Ratings & Reviews

4.5 ratings on google with 1000+ reviews

8. Digital Marketing School

Digital Marketing School is one of the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad. It is an initiative started by Digital Marketing Consulting (DMC, India) to teach people about the digital marketing field.

They are one of the best digital marketing institutions in Hyderabad. Their digital marketing course provides a detailed study of digital marketing concepts.

Industry experts train the students enrolled in Digital Marketing School with 10+ years of experience. Moreover, they have trained more 200 students, out of which 93% of students have been placed.

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

Why choose Digital Marketing School?

Course Fees & Duration

Contact Details:

4.8 Stars with 260 reviews

9. Digital Brolly

Digital Brolly is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad. They offer a carefully curated digital marketing course in Hyderabad that can help a student, a working professional, an entrepreneur, & a job-seeker.

They have transformed many students into digital marketing professionals. They also help to curate an innovative mind in students. As a result, they can formulate a unique digital marketing strategy.

It was founded by Ravi Varma, a digital marketer with 6+ years of experience. Furthermore, he has taught students in 100+ colleges in Andhra Pradesh. He has done many digital marketing projects with various companies & created effective digital marketing campaigns for them.

Digital marketing Course Curriculum:

Why choose Digital Brolly?

Course fees & duration:

Classroom training & online sessions = INR 20,000 (2 Months)

Contact Details:

10. MindQ Systems

MindQ Systems is one of the best IT training institutes in Hyderabad. They also provide IT services to many different companies. Hence, they have one of the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.

Students who learn digital marketing at MindQ Systems get quick placements. They have trained more than 60000+ students. They have a team of 22 instructors that are available at your disposal.

They aim to transform a student into a digital marketer along with premium digital marketing tools. They have both classroom & online digital marketing training.

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

Why Choose MindQ Sysms?

Course Fees & Duration:

Online Training / Classroom / Virtual Classes = 2 months (Fee information are not available)

Contact Details:

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is one of the most demanded fields of this era. Moreover, it is growing at a rapid pace & is going to grow more & more. In addition, if you are in Hyderabad and looking for a career, then digital marketing is the way to go.

However, to learn digital marketing, you must enrol in Hyderabad’s digital marketing course.

A digital marketing course with the proper faculty and practice can make you an expert in the field. Moreover, being in Hyderabad, a digital marketer significantly boosts the digital marketing industry.

Thus, you must stop wasting time & start learning now. We hope this blog helps you!

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