Top email marketing webmailers: Gmail, Microsoft and Verizon lead the way – Digital Intelligence daily digital marketing research

The research, from the Mapp Global Provider Report, indicates that international companies using email marketing should not only concentrate on a few providers but should consider the specific circumstances of each country, or face deliverability issues.

The results show that there is no getting around the big international players in the UK either with Gmail (33%), Microsoft (23%) and Verizon (18%) Virgin Media (6%), BT Internet (5%), and Apple (4%) dominating the landscape.

Similarly, Gmail (50.1%), Verizon (22.6%) and Microsoft (12.4%) are the top 3 ISPs in the USA – and are also the most relevant inboxes on a global level. Comcast (2.0%), Apple (1.6%) and AT&T (1.1) make up the top six.

Meanwhile, looking at the situation elsewhere in Europe, there are strong differences between the individual markets, some of which deviate significantly from the global average. In Germany and France for example – domestic providers operating primarily on a national level have significant market shares. In Germany, 1&1 Mail & Media leads with GMX and WEB.DE (39.9%), followed by Gmail (15.3%) and T-Online (11.9%). In France, Orange (17.8%) ranks third behind Gmail (26.9%) and Microsoft (25.9%).

In their leading positions, Gmail and Microsoft are particularly influential in determining the latest inbox trends. Therefore, sector initiatives – such as AMP for email, Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) – strongly depend on the extent to which such aspects are supported and promoted by the major ISPs and webmailers.
Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, comments: “The study shows that Gmail leads both in the UK and across Europe and the US. At the same time, however, it also reveals that there are significant differences in the services used in some European markets. Our Provider Report underscores the fact that international companies cannot only concentrate on a few providers but should also consider the specific circumstances of each country. Those who neglect this, risk their deliverability – and thus their revenue, to a certain extent.”

More than 170 million emails and campaign mails from selected customers around the world were analyzed in August and September of this year for the Mapp Global Provider Report 2019. They had been sent using the personalized cross-channel marketing solution Mapp Engage, which is part of the Mapp Cloud.