Top Three Innovative Digital Marketing Ideas for 2021

As we pass through a new era of Digital Darwinism, we cannot help but notice the numerous changes that our world has gone through since the pandemic. Everything has changed, including business transactions, consumer behavior, and the tech market in general.

That said, all businesses, no matter how big or small, need to stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends to stand out from their competitors and boost website traffic. Here are three innovative digital marketing ideas for 2021.

1. Chatbots

People want to have the solution to their problems right away. We live in a fast-paced world where people hate to stand in queues and wait, which is why more businesses are incorporating chatbots in their business plans to provide a smart solution to the problems of their potential customers.

It has been estimated that chatbots will dominate nearly 90% of customer service by 2021. People prefer communicating with chatbots as these provide 24/7 service, generate an instant response, and provide more accurate answers. If your business wants to stand out in 2021 and beyond, you shouldn’t neglect the incorporation of chatbots.

2. Social Media Stories

We all love the concept of social media stories. With Snapchat being the pioneer in this field, it was the first social media platform to incorporate this innovative concept of “My Story.” Subsequently, it was followed by Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Besides Facebook stories, businesses can also benefit from Facebook ads. Check out firstpage to know more.

The implicit benefit of social media stories is that these disappear after a short time, which offers digital marketers a great opportunity to make the best use of people’s fear of missing out, also known as FOMO. Amongst the top benefits of social media stories, you will find the following:

3. Content Marketing is Still the King of SEO

When it comes to innovative SEO and digital marketing trends for 2021, we cannot gloss over the effectiveness of high-quality, well-formatted content. That said, despite the numerous changes in our digital space, high-quality content marketing still dominates SEO.

Besides creating informative, high-quality content, digital marketers and SEO specialists should incorporate infographics. Infographics have a tendency to convey more while using visuals. Additionally, infographics can also go viral and boost your website traffic and generate revenue.

Another piece of advice related to content marketing is to ensure that the business website is mobile-friendly, has fast speeds, incorporates useful links/ backlinks, and contains well-written, original content. It has been analyzed that content marketing costs less and generates three times more leads.

With a changing online landscape, all businesses are facing the challenge of incorporating innovative SEO and digital marketing trends to keep up with the fast-evolving tech market. Instead of relying on educated guesses, businesses need to understand that they can no longer predict consumer behavior.

By incorporating the latest innovative digital marketing trends, businesses can stand out in their niches, reach the top of SERPs, increase sales, and generate revenue.

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