Toyota Makes Efforts To Cut Its Carbon Footprint On Digital Advertising – Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

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In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Toyota has teamed up with GroupM to cut back on digital advertising emissions. GroupM works with SeenThis, a Swedish firm that tackles downloading and streaming times to downsize data needed to stream these ads.

SeenThis employs an adaptive streaming technology that allows advertisements to instantly load onto the screen, which generates more views for every impression and also reduces the data needed to perform these actions. With the aid of this system, Toyota is able to cut down on its carbon footprint by up to 20%.

GroupM uses this technology for its other clients as they adapt to this new clean method of streaming. SeenThis has been in partnership with GroupM since January and has found the results of this new form of streaming to be effective. With growing concerns from society and governments for companies to take a greener approach to business practices, there could be an increasing number of firms taking this new approach up.

Jonas Viksten, MD Nordics, Xavis (part of GroupM) says that “adaptive streaming not only improves ad performance and customer experience, it is a climate-friendly advertising technology. For campaigns running ads through SeenThis, we have seen a marked reduction in data usage (up to 64% less data transferred), which directly translates to a smaller CO2 footprint.” He adds, “we prioritize solutions that not only perform for our clients, but also meet higher sustainability standards, and SeenThis delivers on both counts.”

This could open the door for many media companies and advertisers to find innovative ways to make a difference in climate change.  


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