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Types of digital marketing platforms

When talking about types of digital marketing platforms, we need to be quite specific to be clear and deliver a nice summary for you. Many digital marketing platforms have raised recently promising with best results, tracking and analytics. Even though this article will not list all the companies that offer digital marketing services, we will give you a brief summary about the most used types of digital marketing platforms nowadays, so let’s get started!

At first: We will ask you the following questions:

1- What is/are your goal/ goals? Why do you want to do digital marketing?

OK, we will help you to answer this question:

People mostly want to do digital marketing because they want TRAFFIC which is needed to achieve one or more of these reasons:

         At the end you want people to take an action that will contribute to the success of your business or goal.

So the next question will be:

2- What types of digital marketing platforms are a great fit to achieve my goals?

Alright, now this is the important thing. After knowing your digital marketing goal that you want to accomplish, it is easy now to decide. However, let’s start first with listing the types of digital marketing platforms available for you to choose from.

There are 2 main types of traffic:

Accordingly, I will divide types digital marketing platforms and let’s start with the paid ones:

1- Pay Per Click PPC platforms:

Google Adwords:

is the most popular digital marketing platform that enables you to harness the power of the internet. Google AdWords is a pay per click or PPC digital advertising platform. You will need a certain amount of training to be able to use it. There are multiple online courses that explain it in a simplified way.

Google Adwords allows you to advertise not only on the Google search pages, it also has a huge network of websites that allow them to place your ad in front of your customers almost anywhere when they are surfing the internet. You can also advertise on YouTube through Google Adwords which is now a Google company so you can indeed reach a huge amount of prospects from using only a single type of digital marketing platform.

Bing Ads:

It is also a PPC platform similar to Google AdWords but it is not as popular. However, You can still explore it as an option to reach more customers and prospects.

2- Social media platforms:

is the most popular social media platform with over than a BILLION active users. Facebook has started as a social network but evolved to be a very popular digital advertising platform for branding and marketing. The beautiful things about Facebook ads apart from the geographic targeting is its ability to target a small number of people that have a certain job, interest, went to a certain university, have an upcoming birthday, got engaged lately …etc. that’s why marketers love Facebook ads apart from many other nice features. Through Facebook, you can choose to post your ads on Instagram as well which as another advantage.


according to statista.com Twitter has approximately 336 million monthly active users which make it is a good digital marketing platform to reach a certain type of prospects that you want to reach. It has a pretty simple ad management platform that enables you to start rolling your ad in front of millions of users.


has 467 million members that can be reached. LinkedIn ads start to become popular especially among professionals and for job ads and recruitments.


recently Pinterest for business became popular and for certain business categories, it can be useful. Using Pinterest ads you can promote your pins to be seen by more people. Promoting your pins will help people find new products and ideas which is very good for brand awareness as well as driving sales.

3- Affiliate marketing platforms:

If you have not heard before about affiliate marketing, it is simply to make partnership with affiliate marketing companies so the team of members they have can promote your product or business to their network such as sharing your banners in their blogs to be seen by their visitors, sending your email to their email list or sharing your services with their social media network …etc. In return they will get a commission when their referral take an action on your site such as buying a product or getting a lead or subscription. Many affiliate marketers are so creative about their methods to achieve maximum profits.

Affiliate marketing platforms:

There are many affiliate marketing companies out there but here we will only mention the most famous ones:

You can go to each site and check them and maybe you can give one of them a try to promote your product or service.

Read more about affiliate marketing.

FREE or Organic types of digital marketing:

At first, these are not really some types of digital marketing platforms but considered to be an important part of digital marketing types and I would like to mention them briefly here so you can get the big picture.

To be honest it is kind of free(ish) because if you want to save time and money, you need to hire experts. These types of digital marketing require you to invest time and energy to really get some results. However, if you don’t have the time and energy to invest, you should hire someone expert to do the work for you!

Here you go …

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

SEO has become essential for businesses that want consistent organic traffic to their websites. SEO needs time and expertise and if you want to do it, maybe you want to consider starting your learning curve from today. In case you need help, there are plenty of youtube videos, online articles and courses that can explain tips and tricks of SEO. Alternatively, you can ask experts help.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is very common marketing technique that is used extensively nowadays by many businesses. You can think of anything as content marketing such as blogging, videos, infographics, case studies, e-newsletters …etc. However, it is very time consuming and needs great efforts to create good contents to share with the audience.

This is a brief summary of types of digital marketing platforms available to you to choose from. You may want to try some of them to reach your marketing goals.

I hope this article opened some insights for you and if you like it, please share it or write your comment below, we would like to hear from you.

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