UK e-commerce service provider data breaches: 1.3 million online fashion consumers dripped

Recently, many consumers who spend on British online clothes and devices shopping websites have experienced an undesirable thing since their individual information has been confirmed to have actually been dripped. The information breach included several British fashion brands, and the cause of the incident originated from their familiar IT service provider.Such as Jaded London, AX

Paris, Elle Belle Clothing, Perfect Handbags, DLSB (Dirty Little Design Bitch) and such brand names Traffic People are delegated to web advancement and e-commerce company Fashion Nexus help them develop their online store.Unfortunately, Style Nexus

seems to have had some issues with security management(Style Nexus and its sibling company White Room Solutions declined to provide specific reasons), resulting in a server that can be accessed publicly. Security researcher Taylor Ralston stated on Monday that there is a shared database on this server which contains personal information of customers on lots of online shopping sites.In basic, the info exposed online includes personal information about 1.3 million consumers, including md5 hash passwords, passwords, Salt values, names, e-mail addresses, telephone number, and other information. It does not involve clear payment card information.Currently, consumers are unable

to gain access to details related to the event by visiting the official website of Style Nexus or White Space Solutions, as both companies now refuse to publish any public statements.Taylor Ralston sent out an email to White Room Solutions asking

if he would publish a declaration. In response, the company said it had informed the impacted brand names and the Workplace of the Information Specialist (ICO)about the matter and would have these brand names get in touch with the affected consumers.White Space Solutions also stated in the reply that the information breach was brought on bya security breach and has been fixed. It is also impossible to see details related to this data breach on the websites of affected brand names. Taylor Ralston wishes to let consumers understand about this incident through the media.Via: grahamcluley

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