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Image via UNIQLO

The surreal musings of celebrated Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami come alive in fashion with UNIQLO’s newest UT men’s T-shirt selection.

The quirky range, a collaboration between the author and the everyday wear brand, visualizes abstract objects and characters from the books on T-shirts and pins.

Illustrating 1Q84, for example, is the phrase, “Don’t let appearances fool you,” in backwards, nodding at the text’s focus on alternate realities.

The Kafta on the Shore-themed piece, on the other hand, displays silhouettes of a perched crow. The text, “You will be the toughest 15-year-old boy on the planet,” is printed in Japanese across the artwork.

Murakami also has his own radio show, and a tee inspired by it showcases three of his closest allies. “Books, music, and cats have been my friends from way back,” reads the back of the shirt.

Meanwhile, t-shirts paying homage to Norwegian Wood and Pinball, 1973 revive the books’ covers and styles. Not for purchase is the special-edition tee for Hear the Wind Sing, Murakami’s debut novel; only 120 pieces of this design will be made available for lucky shoppers who purchase a Murakami-themed item.

The collection also features pins imagining the ‘Sheep Man’ from A Wild Sheep Chase, a scene from Dance Dance Dance, as well as a charming Murakami-themed sticker sheet.

Preview the T-shirt range below ahead of its US launch on 15 March.

Image via UNIQLO


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