USCIB Meets with Interagency Group on Customs E-commerce

USCIB and U.S. Chamber partnered on an interagency conference to discuss the World Customs Company (WCO) e-Commerce structure of standards (FoS) on June 14 in Washington DC, in preparation for upcoming e-Commerce working group meetings, as well as WCO Policy Commission and Council Meetings that will happen over the next few weeks in Brussels, June 18-23. The event consisted of robust representation from the U.S. government from firms such as National Security Council, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Departments of Commerce, State, Energy and Treasury, as well as the Federal Trade Commission, among others. Over 35 representatives from federal government participated in with simply as numerous market representatives.The meeting supplied an opportunity for market to reveal views to the U.S. federal government on the way forward on cross-border e-commerce, perspectives on last products pictured at the conclusion of the working groups extended one-year term, top priority policy issues needing more discussion, a work strategy, and the process by which this effort will be advanced. There have actually been several versions of a draft Cross-Border E-Commerce FoS considering that early 2018. Numerous WCO Members have raised issues with aspects of the draft FoS (e.g., material, scope, transparency, and speed of the procedure). As an outcome, at the April WCO conferences, the E-Commerce Working Group assembled and made significant changes to the draft FoS. In June, the WCO Policy Commission and Council will think about the 15 requirements of the WCO E-Commerce FoS, respective introductions, and Resolution along with an ask for extension to Working Group.”Following this efficient exchange, we anticipate continuing our collaboration on this matter and look forward to future engagement with the interagency group, “said USCIB Director for Customs and Trade Assistance Megan Giblin.

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