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How to Create Evergreen Content to Grow Your Business

Before we get into the details of evergreen content creation, it’s important to step back and understand a little more about keywords. Ranking well for major key terms isn’t where you should start. Instead, find far-reaching key terms that customers may find you with, phrases that are outliers for your business. These are long-tail keywords that can pack a punch for your business. In the case of New Year’s resolutions from above, you might dive deeper and create content for:

Start by stretching beyond your basic business concept and focus more on specialities. Sometimes, thinking about one customer can help you dig deep for details. Ideas may include:

Keep in mind that it needs to be written in such a way that it will never go out of date. You’ll need to update it more frequently the more data it needs to stay relevant for today’s times.

Why Evergreen Content Is So Effective

Think back for a moment about memorable content from your earlier life. We all can come up with commercials we still hum along with or influential brochures or ads that made a big impression.

The internet has given us more content at the click of a mouse than anyone could ever consume. And for most of it, it disappears and fades away just as fast as we read it.

Evergreen content makes content memorable. Good information will always be valuable. And if someone places value on it, they’re more likely to share it, bookmark it, and refer to it again and again.

Evergreen content can also be one of the most cost-effective marketing pieces you’ll create. Create it, and it keeps working with no other cost, except for the occasional updates. Think you can get the same ROI by hiring a camera crew and creating an ad?

Evergreen content is also a strategy you can continue to build on. Create an evergreen content piece today. Create another one tomorrow. You can define multiple long-tail keywords you choose to focus on and ensure you have evergreen content pieces for each of them. It’s a great way to touch on every individual detail of your business model.

And once your evergreen pieces are in place, you can refer to them with your marketing campaigns. Link to them on social media. Use them as landing pages for your ad campaigns. It’s a great way to get people talking.

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